Just who is Motorsports Network? We're individuals with over 25 years involvement in the powersports industry. Our experience includes years of testing motorcycles and ATVs for some of the largest print magazines, working for OEM manufacturers and developing and marketing popular products for motorcycles and snowmobiles. Most of all, we are dedicated enthusiasts who just can't get enough. Motorsports Network was one of the first online magazines on the web and we've seen many of the new ideas we pioneered here duplicated or copied on other sites and even in print magazines - high praise indeed. We were created by our founder, one of the most dedicated and devoted enthusiasts you'll find anywhere. Now that we're no longer an online magazine, but an online motorcycle TV show (www.motorcycleTV.us) we're working hard to make our new shopping cart as easy to navigate as our older site was known for. Thanks for dropping in.

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