We won’t rent or sell your private information to make a buck. We will treat your privacy as if we would want our own protected. We also promise not to share information with anyone on how good or bad a rider you are – we promise. With this said, our shopping cart will collect and track, through the system, all of the information needed to successfully process your order. In addition to this, information will be transferred to our card processor (of course). Your order and shipping information, never to include your card information, may be provided to our various vendors for the sole purpose of properly filling your order. No third party is authorized to collect and use this information. Our shopping cart will set cookies on your computer which is how a shopping cart keeps track of you and your order to completion – a necessary evil of sorts. We are not aware of any other evil processes being carried out by our shopping cart – we have not set it to track any information for any other purpose. If you would like, just go into your browser and tell it to delete cookies – maybe we all should be doing this occasionally anyway. Don’t worry, we’ve been serving customers since 1987 at Motorsports-Network.com. Simply stated, we aren’t here to rip you off or collect and sell your personal information. If our policy ever changes, fat chance again, we'll post it here in advance. Brand names and logos are the sole property of those companies and Motorsports Network makes no ownership claims of said brand names and logos.

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