Brake lever guards are now required in many racing organizations, including AMA Pro Road Racing. The Dion Device has a revolutionary design to protect the brake lever in addition to acting as a crash slider to protect the motorcycle from damage. The Dion Device is designed to prevent contact with the front brake during on-track collisions. The innovative design also includes a carbon fiber slider and a high flex-rate reticulated design that help protect the motorcycle in the event of a crash.


The Dion Device is the result of two years of development and an additional year of testing, and is now the preferred brake lever guard of professional racers. Originator Stephane Dion says, “The original intention of my guard was to protect riders and save lives. What has emerged over the last two years is that it works equally well protecting critical bike components like gas tanks, clip-ons, rear sets and exhaust silencers.

Our teams are saving thousands of dollars through reduced crash-induced damage and protecting their riders.” Many of the top competitors in AMA Pro Road Racing are already using the Dion Device, and brake lever guards are now required in the series. Some of the notable riders who trust their safety to this carefully-engineered guard include Josh Hayes, Josh Herrin, Aaron Yates, Larry Pegram, Cory West, Jake Gagne, JD Beach and Thomas Puerta. Look for these unique brake lever guards in every AMA Pro Road Racing event as riders continue to choose the Dion Device for its unparalleled design and safety.

FITMENT NOTES & EXCEPTIONS This is a universal fit part; it may or may not fit without modification. Some bikes may require extensive modifications, aftermarket clip-ons, and aftermarket throttle. See Fitment Guide for additional information.

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