- Protect your tank from abuse and scratches
- Remove and re-use multiple times, for washing and such
- Improve your bikes re-sale value by keeping the tank prfect
- Developed in the United States of America

High Fusion: Recommended for all types of riding.

C3: Recommended for everyday commuting, casual rides, and touring. Not recommended for racers or track day riders

Snake Skin: Recommended for all styles of riding. Highly recommended for racers and track day riders.

Clear: "Slight" yellowing of clear urethane materials is typical over time. We do not suggest clear materials on a white paint scheme. There is no Warrantee for Clear Materials Grips from discoloration. Only warranted fo for Adhesive failure."

"High Fusion" is a thin (.035") synthetic rubber blend with a simple rough texture and uses our personal "Releasable Adhesive." With this blend, you will feel a positive grip into your tank and less pressure on your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Excellent for paint and surface area protection.

"C3" is our new synthica rubber. This (.100") thick grip pad offers excellent grip and the ultimate comfort in our GRIPSTER line. With the synthetic properties, you will feel a reduction of vibration and an increase in comfort. "C3" also uses our personal "Releasable Adhesive."

Snake Skin is a thin (.125") tank grip with a low profile diamond pattern. With these rubber padding properties, you will feel a positive grip into your tank and less pressure on your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Excellent product for all riders and uses, feature our personal "Releasable Adhesive."

TechSpec's core value is that of quality. We design, engineer and manufacture all our components with quality being first! We stand behind ALL our products and deliver that quality to you...the rider! Founded in 1998 TechSpec has maintained one core ideal: to produce the highest quality powersports tank pads on the market. TechSpec’s line of Gripster pads includes bike-specific fitments for a range of tanks, frames, and saddle boxes. By proving an improved surfaced for you to grip the tank with your legs, you will feel an immediate improvement in overall control of your body motion, position and posture, all resulting in faster lap times and safer street riding! TechSpec Tank Pads are endorsed by Yamaha Champions Riding School as necessity for improving body position and weight control. The Gripster Snake Skin Tank Pads offer the best combination of control, flexibility, and craftsmanship which all help to provide unparalleled control of your bike. Gripster Products are available in C3 and High Fusion materials which offer more casual riders an alternative to the Snake Skin’s aggressively grippy texture.

Techspec Product Warranty Terms
Techspec warranties Gripster Tank Grip adhesive when product is applied specifically to the area of which the “Tank Grip” product is designed and intended for that use. Gripster Tank Grips are considered a "Wear Product". Wear and tear to the material from the customer is not considered for warranty replacement. Gripster Tank grips that have factory adhesive failures will be considered for warranty replacements. Adhesive is warranted for the first year of purchase. After 12 months from purchase warranties is no longer in effect. TechSpec Gripster products are “Removable”, but NOT labeled nor marketed as “Reusable”. Though there are many cases where product is removed and reused, this is at the sole discretion of owner/rider. NO Warranty on ALL general sheet and custom kits as TechSpec has no control of design or area intended for use. All Gripster Tank Grip products submitted for replacement will need to submit pictures for proof of purchase and proof of product defect.

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