363 likes. "James Baxter the Horse" is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of the American animated television series Adventure Time. The episode was written and storyboarded by series creator Pendleton Ward and Somvilay Xayaphone, from a story by Patrick McHale, Kent Osborne, and Ward.It originally aired on Cartoon Network on May 6, 2013. 3. Jake diagnoses the animal as having “poo brain.” Adventure Time Horse. When Finn finally kicks it, Ice King pops out of the inflatable horse costume. Made even funnier due to the fact that you can tell it's a trap: there's a prominent yellow ring around its middle with an arm holding a spear sticking out, making it … It’s an awesome show. Finn and Jake said that the horse has wacked-out poo brain. At the end of the episode, the Horse is revealed to be the Ice King in disguise. It just stands there, staring. It can’t moved, reasoned with, or dissuaded. Finn and Jake try many things to get rid of him. In an early episode, the heroes, Finn and Jake, find their sleep disturbed when a horse won’t stop staring through their window at night. Adventure Time Horse Adventure Time Tumblr Adventure Time Wiki Time Icon Minor Character Aesthetic Indie Your Soul Mini Canvas Cool Cartoons. Saved by Pamela Poland. This horse has poo brain. The Staring Horse has only been seen in the episode "The Eyes." Its vacuous expression leads Jake to suspect it has a case of "whacked-out poo brain." POO Brain Horse. After defeating her Marshal Lee will come to try and similarly to Marceline take you on in Ice Queen’s place for the second boss battle. The horse has a very "un-horse-like" face with ever-staring eyes and a protruding tongue. "Adventure Time" is an animated fantasy series shown on the Cartoon Network.The concept and the pilot for the show dates back to 2006, but the show entered production in 2010, and is currently on its sixth season, with (at least) another on its way.Each episode of the show is a little over ten minutes long. r/adventuretime: Subreddit dedicated to Cartoon Networks hit show, Adventure Time! Because of a creepy horse outside their window, Finn and … So, do any of you guys watch Adventure Time? Details File Size: 592KB Duration: 1.400 sec Dimensions: 498x380 Created: 2/19/2016, 3:29:10 PM Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Finn and Jake spend the episode trying to fall asleep after a full week of hard work, but can't because this horse is staring at them through their treehouse's window from a nearby hill. *stares creepily at all our fans* Directed by Bong Hee Han, Larry Leichliter. I found no discernable differences beyond that. The Poo-Brain horse disguise, complete with protruding tongue and dilated pupils, is back in all its majestic glory! Press J to jump to the feed. Ice Queen/Poo Brain Horse (Boss GB) - Generally the same as the battle against Ice King, but hits harder and takes less damage. With Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio, Tom Kenny, Pendleton Ward.