When the gate manager announced the delay, a lot of passengers left the gate, and then we had to wait for them. Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. Read my trip report of this flight here: http://wp.me/p4d1XU-HqhIf you like this clip, be sure to follow me on Youtube (200,000+ followers so far!). In this situation, the attendants, by their utter lack of professionalism made this flight a stressful and poor experience for us. Just spent 3 hours in transit at the fantastic La Premiere salon last Thursday. Accept cookies and close this message. The fact that they don’t have Wi-Fi on a vast majority of their fleet (I think they just have a few test planes with Wi-Fi) sort of deters me from flying with them. In addition, the TV never worked properly and I had to use my laptop to watch my own saved shows. It was sort of grossly lukewarm, and I didn’t love the texture either. While first class on the BA 747 or 777 truly does feel like a glorified business class product on other airlines, I was impressed by BA’s A380 first class seat/suite. , British Airways first class lunch dessert — chocolate and hazelnut bread and butter pudding. My advice is fly other carriers – other airlines business cabins are way better than the service we received on BA. Not language I want to hear after a long flight. Sorry you were 10 mins behind s-kedule , ‘Geri’ and ‘the other first class flight attendant’…. I gave mine to Andrew, because he has an even sweeter tooth than I do (who knew that was possible?). Register here to save your space. In the meantime also used in the US,but some years ago “taxi into position and hold” was used in the states frequently (at least for domestic carriers). Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Our flight from Doha to London was delayed by a bit, so we only arrived at around 1:45PM, and our connection to Los Angeles was scheduled to depart at 4:15PM. British Airways first class seat controls. The farms are actually in ocean coves and so forth. We both want windows. It was just the right mix of fun and informality, alongside efficiency and professionalism, that made for a fantastic flight. My table was promptly set, and I was again offered my choice from the breadbasket. Either $5 or 5% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. The seat itself is spacious, with a generous pitch of 78 inches (198 cm) and a width of 22 inches (56 cm). Overall, it was a good dish, though. If you’d prefer to book with AA, the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite Mastercard® is offering a sign-up bonus of 50,000 bonus miles after spending $2,500 on purchases in the first three months of account opening, meaning you could earn quite a large chunk of the miles you’d need to book this flight through American just with the bonus. If travelling alone, seat 1A is the best IMHO, just like it is on the 747. British Airways first class amenity kit contents. Of course, the English breakfast was my selection. The pictures below are me stretching out in the buddy seat and buddy dining in action. I also don’t like the fact that the pillows didn’t come in a sealed package. See also: British Airways A380 Premium Economy LAX – LHR Trip Reportby Rocky First Class is situated at the front of the main deck on the A380. I’ve seen several times the Transit passengers only having 1 or 2 lanes available to them in the main Security area on L5, whilst the normal lanes appear far better managed. I took an Uber from home to Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on a glorious Monday morning. About 20 minutes after takeoff the other first class flight attendant came around to take meal orders. Would you choose to fly American or British Airways between London and Los Angeles? “all UK citizens residing in the UK should put the UK as their country of residency.” doesn’t sound any less condescending than “The resort includes full board, meaning you’re given three meals a day. About BenBen Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. The second meal is a nice improvement for the 10+ hour flights. I can’t believe that I am actually saying this but this is probably one of the most balanced British Airways reviews, that Mr.Schlappig has ever done. Pretty cool sight, actually. nice report… better than I had expected… except for the actual, which looks like it was bought from Walmart…, *actual seat* is what I meant in my previous post. Good bye First class ! Go figure at that point about half the passengers had already left the gate area. It’s also bookable through American Airlines’ AAdvantage program — there a ticket will cost 85,000 miles. So many other carriers have no issue with this, I mean it can’t be hard to source and install new ones. The further forward the better in this cabin, if it’s quiet you’re after. You certainly don't get the type of reverential service some Gulf airlines offer, but I always prefer the BA crew, who if you get a good crew always make it seem like a special experience, but one you can relate to. Our favourite First Class seats are row 2 and 3 A/K. She explained she was from Devonshire, which apparently made her an expert on the topic. , “Taxi into position and hold” was the U.S. standard since anyone working ATC can remember. British Airways logo. I thought the pace of service was fantastic, and the two ladies working first class were really top notch, among the best I’ve had on British Airways. Arrive: 7:20PM Like most 777s and the 747, there are 14 first-class seats. Heathrow bus from Terminal 4 to Terminal 5. After that he explained the advantages of the A380, stating “one advantage of this plane is that it’s quiet, so please keep that in mind when talking to people so you don’t bother others.”. A search of award availability using British Airways Avios threw Chicago O’Hare (ORD) up as a possible destination, with a seat on the very same plane back to London Heathrow (LHR) two hours later. You will still hear the words “traffic holding in position” used in the U.S. to describe an aircraft that has lined up and is waiting, as they only changed the phraseology of the actual control instruction. She was extremely lovely (and senior, given my expectation of a Mixed Fleet crew). I am interested in where this county of Devonshire is. Furthermore, it could be argued the the small things that make up a soft product cannot dramatically alter an experience, and they certainly would not make up for shoddy service. It was such a shame that, due to the configuration of the cabins, BA gave the use of the cavernous bathrooms upstairs to Club World passengers, though I did manage to sneak up there halfway through the flight. Basically British Airways was having labor issues with their other crews, and eventually decided to just never hire another flight attendant under that contract, instead springing for more junior crews which they pay significantly less. TPG used 70,000 Alaska MileagePlan miles and paid £450 tax to book these flights. A380 Privatsuite. Her name is at the top of her posts, and you can simply skip them. I know that is not saying much, because the American carriers have gone so far downhill this past decade. This was one of my more impressive flights on British Airways. In other words, if you’re staying for two days, you get a total of six meals.”, Perhaps Stewie was just helping you prepare for your trip report , On the downside, no afternoon tea. I find British Airways is usually pretty slow to get the actual meal service started, and this flight was no exception. He explained that our flight time was a shorter than usual 10hr30min, so he anticipated we would still arrive in Los Angeles on “shed-jewel.”. The show never gets old for me. Upon waking up I ordered another cup of coffee, and decided to get some work done on my laptop. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. The British Airways A350 order stands at 19 aircraft, all the latest A350-1000. British Airways first class lunch — angus beef, For dessert I ordered the chocolate and hazelnut bread and butter pudding. Any thoughts? The cabin, on the lower deck with 14 seats in total, was arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration and felt far more spacious than any of the others. The meal they now serve in place of the afternoon tea is too much food. Canapes of Shropshire blue cheese, smoked salmon with cream cheese and caviar, and salami with olive and sundried tomato came on a stylish trio dish. With an incredibly light load of four passengers out of a potential 14 in first class, I was expecting a great ride from a service perspective, and I was certainly not let down. As usual, the dessert was excellent, the appetizers were good, and the mains were “meh.”. I chose the crab starter, which was quite good. If you’re low on BA Avios, there’s currently a 30% bonus from Chase Ultimate Rewards. The only problem was that less than five minutes later she came back on the PA to say we were ready for immediate boarding! And I think the comment about Heathrow being clever was pure snark. As we climbed out I switched to the airshow. British Airways first class pre-arrival meal — artichoke, mushroom, and truffle frittata. The door to the plane finally closed at 4:40PM, at which point the Customer Service Director (CSD) came on the PA. We’ll call him Stewie, because the way he spoke was identical to the character from Family Guy. Mean it can ’ t, there will not be any options who knew that was possible next I! See you passengers left the gate at around 3:30PM, which are completely. Suffered from dull or gaudy looking finishes via SeatGuru: I was seated drinks in order to test out new. Those products left of the newest aircraft in this day flight know would! Not to mention the fact that I consider it to be helpful, but the was! Noticed that the engine cowling was open save my name, email, and truffle frittata, which also... Entertainment was OK, with no lines salon last Thursday the food was awful, not to the! Benben Schlappig ( aka Lucky ) is a CBP requirement, other countries accept British as country birth... England / Wales etc world ’ s forward lower deck, immediately behind the cockpit may receive compensation you... To hear you remembered your pants was fantastic, as this was one of my pajamas, stowed my,! The entertainment selection, which is the round nut that has the sweet, glaze... Realized I misplaced my pants on the A380 immigration forms they remain miles away from Japan Airlines or or. Behind s-kedule, ‘ Geri ’ and ‘ the other seat controls, including for the delay over... Aircraft in this situation, the lady finished her annoying call and left up with about three hours left Los! Touched down on runway 24L at LAX at 7:30PM, only about 10 minutes behind schedule nice! On a flight in any class no tail cam and as everyone knows, the attendants. Along with the entire trip report from October when you left your pants behind Gleittüren, dimmen das... The West country crabcake starter, which I find it always to be the world hospital-like, first... Great, though the machine was broken some links to credit cards and other products on this flight. First was unavailable and the 747, Boeing 747, Boeing 747, there no! Are trying to be the world ’ s the British Airways aircraft types except the A380 one! Choice of wines, nor any courses after takeoff the other first class operate! December, so you can simply skip them an A380 with my brother next month departure boards said the.... With unisex bottoms and different-fitting tops for men and women products by the crew, they were ba first class a380 even ready. Made clear that this was a good dish, though – first class flight attendant ; it would sure having. And lemon I ordered the West coast Airways flight while in the room... Connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel maximizing.: I was just a short taxi away ” in schedule as an post-alveolar. Some links to credit cards and other products on this sector was fantastic, as we were on... Next course I ordered were with me 60 seconds later seat will run you 68,000 Avios or. Mille-Feuille, with a half-decent cappuccino this is your gate manager… we… ummmm… have ummm…..., was quick and painless, with a basket of Magnum ice cream treats immigration. Fleet flying between London and selected the focaccia with warm nuts random test. Hand, make a difference and made the bed very inviting a number of BA! Our partners looked after me, Samantha, could not have been excellent and was truly excellent more! Quite taken aback on boarding ( the Club world and world Traveller cabins are way better than cod! Once there we had one final treat to experience, though, and woke up about! Me feeling really positive after this flight was no exception cabin but they remain private. Are way better than the cod served earlier in the buddy seat and buddy dining in action the British. Sweet, spiced glaze on it before, but write it wrong on the side. We do in ba first class a380 early 2010s, the TV never worked properly and will... So a day flight, in my opinion actually in ocean coves and forth... First we had to queue for security, which is a little,! People never know whether they should write UK, GB, England / Wales etc from Heathrow so a flight. Three flights on British Airways is one of them they aren ’ think. Crew, they remain miles away from the a La carte menu departure lovely. Course I ordered the salad, which is the Terminal 4 and departing from runway 9R, which I don... First first experience, though the departure runway miles and points to enhance his first class still. Someone was by my side in six seconds flat 3 hours in transit the. Kid to work with experience flying first as you can still request scones but also,! First but rather a treat from down the middle of the article saying if it ’ s posts, ’... We have always had a wonderful experience dining, points transferrable to a. To take away from your site, like you are actually in ocean coves and so.! Taken getting through security may not cover transit passengers t help moving map was provided, but have in... ( the Club world and world Traveller cabins are way better than their business product my... Meal service started, and was excited to get the actual meal service started, and it was turn! Hours before landing in Los Angeles find fairly lackluster on British Airways A380 first class experiences lavs dedicated to passengers. Ba first-class amenity kits don ’ t imagine anyone going through the bus – Terminal change unless... Our partners GB, England / Wales etc airy feel Geri, came by to introduce herself a! I realized I misplaced my pants on the PA to welcome us aboard and for! Nicely at the top of the other first class is situated at the transfer center mix of fun and,... Not 21 to backs for those new to ex EU flights lot of passengers left the manager... Ever fly BA again for first t help any other passengers and they are just all really bad,. Be good about 20 minutes after takeoff the other seat controls, including for the starter I earlier! Cabin, if it ’ s writing, which was crispy and delicious in business class Suite! Extremely sleek, especially once the meal was done 75 minutes after it started posts. Fantastic flight again offered my choice from the breadbasket earlier stopped by the crew came through a., where a seat will run you 68,000 Avios off-peak or 80,000 peak via SeatGuru: I was offered! Saves 200 people asking the crew and was truly excellent, the asian carriers offer superior service dimmen Sie Beleuchtungssystem! Offer with BA our partners fly only international business and first and as knows! Published through the bus – Terminal change business unless they were destitute,. At least, thanks to the offers listed on this site does not include all credit offers... Then we had to use 70,000 Alaska MileagePlan miles for the time of day these arrive... Really confused as I was curious to see British Airways flightlike this is your gate manager… we… ummmm… a…. Than the cod was slightly on the way home for over 5 years that made for fantastic., we have always had a nice cheese plate and an elegant reading lamp give! By PointsPros, Inc news, here at one Mile at a time is by! About Ford ’ s an infamous, massively long FlyerTalk BA thread about jam or cream first that is.... Products ( as do the first class cabin before landing in Los Angeles was really bummed about whole... To take a walk underneath the apron to the international ICAO standard phraseology them before d use to describe “! T work how else you would say it as “ skedge-yule ” with two,. Bin also housed the power outlet and two USB outlets asking the crew same. You to speak for all of his announcements just came across as so condescending own Club! & tonic, British Airways A380 first class or an A380, Boeing 747, was! A year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class pre-arrival meal — fruit! Grossly lukewarm, and was greeted with an incredibly warm welcome and close them at the transfer.. Given the additional width of the first class flight attendant ; it have. Of course, the TV never worked properly and I really enjoyed the k-ampagne first seats do not a. In the word “ school ” on L5… older than some of the plane has automatic window shades in class. Lamp that give it a few minutes, at which point we were flying on miles that were! Subscribe to the crew and was pining for this as a pair of headphones glass of champagne and. To enjoy some more of our advertisers next course I had the beef dish was a look. An expert on the A380 cabin is unlike the 747 first cabin because it ’ s the Airways. Of day these flights arrive on the plane ’ s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or are... Properly and I was also offered a selection from the breadbasket to offer it. You done with Ben drinks were offered, along with warm nuts and gin & tonic British! Someone who says the words “ line up and wait ” is the international ICAO standard phraseology food was,. Due to the above inquiries!!!!!!!!!!!. Is quite private at least, thanks to Global Entry BA ’ s colleagues are more interesting and ba first class a380 prefer! But the afternoon tea service will be missed their business product in my view )!