It was running fine, no fluid leaks or anything obvious. 17. Fortunately, the most common hydrostatic problems are easy to fix, even with no prior . Re-engage the transmission with the freewheel control and then start the engine while sitting in the seat. Who the hell let all the morning people run things? I just bought a new drive belt for my Craftsman 1000, 5 years old. Tried to download manual but that did not work. Oil was kind of dirty so I soaked everything in a parts washer and cleaned it up. I called and talked to a rep and he told me the parts are identical just who you are purchasing from. Fearing the worst I asked Sears what the transaxle would cost alone; nasty! All green. Common solutions for: Craftsman Lawn mower not self propelling. I unplugged the wire harness from the hydrostatic button and cleaned it out still no response. If I could get a new tranny for $400 I probably would. Is there an idler pulley that puts tension on the motion belt? Hello all, Murray riding mower, 12.5hp 40" deck - I do not have a model number, don't know where to look for one at on the mower. Once again I drained out the fluid from an access hole that I made earlier, disassembled the trans, (see owners manual diagrams), and found another broken spring in the Block Assembly. I like the idea of drilling/draining/and replacing the fluid as I think this could work. If you pull it all the way out and lower the second collar into the keyhole shaped cutout, the transmission will be disengaged, i.e., in the freewheel mode. I changed the front motion drive belt, but this had no effect. Sears will charge me $96 just to look at it, and if it is the transaxle, it would probably be better if I bought a new tractor?? Problem is slippage mostly after it warms up. steel deck. Many tractors, riding lawn mowers, and other pieces of heavy machinery. Transmission problem on Craftsman Riding Mower DYT4000. Move motion control lever to full forward position and hold for five (5) seconds. Hydro-Gear Transaxle:218-3010L I got this tractor as part of the deal when I purchased a small acreage. Also pushed the tractor while the tranny was engaged until resistance was felt and after some time the air was out and the tranny works like new now. Where exactly do you drill this hole? I don't think it's the brake grabbing as it makes a snapping noise when it happens. He was a great guy  full of good info worth every bit of the $96. 16. I found that the brake lever on the tranny was sticking when the pedal was pressed. One guy wrote that he is on his 4th tranny.So getting a new tranny with the same old problem doesn't seem like a solution. Thanks ! If I pdf a picture or drawing, can someone point out where I should drill? I've kept the oil changed and lubed every year. Murray riding mower won't engage in gear and move Murray riding mower won't engage in gear and move. The springs I use are from the hardware store and now cost $.75 and are similar enough to work well. Hi, I know this an old thread, but I'm having similar problems to the OP. model ys 4500, oldturkey03 Sears and other shops all say the transaxle cannot be serviced. I used a bamboo skewer for shish kabobs to poke around in there and accumulated quite a pile of dirt. Everything else on a GT is also much heavier duty and will last much longer than it would on an LT (Lawn Tractor). CAUTION: At any time, during step 4, there may be movement of the drive wheels. The tranny is a sealed unit. Then recently started getting another noise (it was the fan on top of trans. 1. I have replaced the drive belt with no success as well as changed out the oil in the tranny oil reservoir. Could it be the transaxle? i have 3 yr old craftsman riding mower hydrostatic transaxle. wolfsmane. I have a Craftsman 15.5 HP Hydrostatic Riding mower. I'll take a little more time now to clean and lubricate the lever. I don't want to damage the unit if I can't replace it. The Tuff Torq K46 transaxel calls for 1.9 litres of 10W30. (5) feet return the motion control lever to the neutral (N) position. Post Jul 01, 2011 #1 2011-07-01T17:51. He said AYP marks up their parts considerably and by purchasing directly from the manufacturer you can get a discount. Fixed by getting new battery, unstuck the engine, replacing fuel line, and adding new square key to wheel and axle. If I return to flat ground or park it for about 30 minutes, it will begin working again. Place tractor safely on a level surface - that is clear of objects and open - with engine off and parking brake set. anyone know what is causing this in the teansaxle and how you repaired it? With motion control lever in neutral (N) position, slowly disengage clutch/brake pedal. I was mowing recently and turned on the mower blade and the tractor twitched and the blade didnt engage and now the tractor won't … If your hydrostatic transmission is locking up, it's possible that the brake system is malfunctioning when the pedal is pushed. This all took about 2 1/2+ quarts total. Craftsman Snowblower 536.889251 trans doesn't engage Original Message Feb 25, 2012 5:29 pm I have a 536.889251 Craftsman snowblower with a hydro trans, it won't move forward or reverse. Hydrostatic drive transmissions are filled with fluid and require the operation of a gear driven pump to move the fluid which then in turn drives the wheels. when it is in forward postion i hear a snapping or clicking noise coming from transaxle. Welcome Tremblay....  How old is the machine?? I have used it 12 years on 1-1/2 acres of mostly hills and most fairly steep -usually takes about 2-1/2 to 3 hrs to mow all at same time. Craftsman T-240 with hydrostatic transmission. With motion control lever in neutral (N) position, slowly disengage clutch/brake pedal. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! If you cant find an exact match you might try hitting the button 'ask seller a question' and see what he has. There is a seller named sel_lo out of Georgia that sells a lot of Sears transaxles. Whether you think you can or you can't... you're right. The clutch pedal does. The hydrostatic transmission in your lawn tractor requires servicing that includes draining the old hydrostatic oil, changing the filter and adding new hydrostatic oil. That said I've taken the chance and purchased a used tranny from Florida (no hills) and should receive it soon. I wrote and was told this transmission is absolete. Where is the best place to get a replacement transmission and how do I get the part number to order. I have a DLT2000 Sears lawn tractor with 20 hp Khoeler, 48 in deck purchased in 2001 with 175 hrs on the machine. It has had wheel weights and chains on it the whole 12 years . Move motion control lever to neutral (N) position. Location: Merrimack Valley/Northeastern Mass. If you're careful you can reinstall the same cover, but if you break it you'll have to buy a new one - not expensive by itself but shipping and possible minimum order charges may bite you. Check that first before doing anything. I don't own anything with a hydrostatic transmission, unfortunately. The new one may not have a drain hole in which case you'll have to pry off the vent cover and flip the thing over a few times to drain it. Transmission is going out after 30 mins after starting cold. 6. it's a craftsman. wolfsmane. This front engine riding mower provides an effortless mowing experience. I am thinking it's the tranny, not the brake, because when being towed, one tire will turn forward and the other in reverse! This control rod connects to the hydrostatic transmission at a regulator valve, which determines the rate of fluid flow through the transmission and the output speed to … Otherwise, look for leaks - if you find any, then you definitely have to get the hydro fluid level back to full. I have a 11 HP Toro w/hydrostatic tansmissiont has a tranny issue and was wondering if anyone could help id the problem. I have a 1998 Yard machine Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor and the transmission seems to be locked in gear. The engine runs fine but the transmission won't engage at all. While engine is running, move throttle control to half (1/2) speed. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean their not really after you. If so, see if it is exerting ample pressure on the belt. If I drilled the case and replaced the fluid, what precautions would I have to take to get the air out of the system? 2. Do you know if there are pictures, or a utube video of someone doing this? Zero-Turn Mowers: Purge Your Hydraulic Drive System. Required Part. Bash it if you want. Did you ever correct tranny problem ? I dont understand why they would design a tractor such as this w/o a transaxle resevoir and the ability to change out the oil. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 6 months ago. Curtis B. : ... the hydrostatic bypass control rod doesn't engage. Just make sure it is the right part number before agreeing to buy. I have same problem thats been coming on for a a couple of mowing seasons-the whine especially on hills and seems to be loosing some power on hills also (have to move the gear lever forward more now to get the same speed out of the transaxle as I used to). I have a 2 yr old Craftsman 18 HP riding mower with the same tranny issue. later Mike. This lever was sticking on mine. mower is only 3 yrs old  and sears wants 800 dollars for new tranny and other vendors dont have this tranny in stock.. transaxle no. 7. (My last repair on this trans lasted almost 2 years and the spring that was replaced is doing fine.) This lever is meant to immobilize the mower as a safety precaution. I drilled and tapped a #10 hole in the right rear bottom/side of the case to drain out the old fluid and put in a short machine screw to plug the hole. After reattaching the deck, the test drive showed that the caked on dirt was not allowing parts to move where they needed to move. 14 years ago. or is it one unit? Wonder if yours would fit mine? You might look down at the rear axle for the brake assembly, and find the cable or rod that actuates it. I have a craftsman 2000 dlt with hydrostatic drive. Sitting in the tractor seat, start engine. This time the transmission worked great almost immediately. I did as instructed in the owners manual several times, waiting about 20 minutes between trials. 15 answers. steel deck. Since most hydrostatic transmissions are completely sealed within a steel or metal casing, they aren't accessible to the user when it comes to repairs. Hello - I have a 10 year old Sears 18.5 hp GT model 917.251481. Slowly move motion control lever forward, after the tractor moves approximately five (5) feet, slowly move motion control lever to reverse position. I cant believe $800! Not sure if they will be cheaper but worth a try. Hope this helps, good luck. Approx. Also the technician stated that unless Im mowing flat areas, I should have been directed to a Garden tracor series, so Im a littled miffed as to why the salesman didnt say the same initially. Had they not offered a percent off and free installation/labor, I would have gone ebay. The springs cannot be purchased from manufacturer, only the block assemblys. I have a 42" craftsman hydrostatic, it runs fine but I cannot get it to engage on the hydro drive. 15. Fearing the worst I asked Sears what the transaxle would cost alone; nasty! With motion control lever in neutral position, slowly disengage clutch/brake pedal. - but it is considered not "user-serviceable". Hydrostatic transmissions feature control rod linkage from the speed control lever (or foot pedal on some models) to the hydrostatic transmission. After the engine is running, move throttle control to slow position. With the motor running, it would make a ratcheting sound and drag the motor when trying to move forward or back. MrFixAll Update 4/30/08, I just finished repairing my HYDRO-GEAR trans again. If the drive pulley is defective, replace it. I just cleared a little debri from around the lever and it worked fine. I undid the parking brake and instead of it coming back to neutral it came more forward than normal. 14. Same here, Sears will come and look at it for 99.99, I’m going to a local guy that will diagnose for 20 bucks. serviceability does not sound nice if that transaxle is sealed...will be very interested how you make out on that web site, this tranny issue seems to be thermal...i let the tractor cool down it will move but when heats locks up and even using the, release lever on the rear of tractor to try and move...won't release ....tractor is sounds like fluid somewhere. I read the reply by MrFixAll and am intrigued. Made sure engage lever was properly set. With all I have read about all the problems with this type of tranny. 5. It is in freewheel mode. 8. topped up fluid but now might need perge. You sure it's a 0 and not a 9? My craftsman stop moving forward or backward after finishing the front lawn. Checking the belt, it didn't seem like it needed replacing. This thing has been nickel and dimming from day one. I don't  know much about  hydros, but I figure this will help some that will come along very soon to help you with your problem. Lawn Mower Drive Pulley. He said the front bearing was going out allowing the tranny to move upward thus the fan blades hitting the support bar. 13. or rebuilt $650. Hydrostatic transmission, often abbreviated to "hydro drive," is a propulsion method used since the early 1970s, mostly on lawn tractors and mowers. I have a Craftsman 19hp Twin Turbo lawn tractor with hydrostatic transmission. The mechanic who came out to my property stated that I should be using a Garden Tractor vs a lawn tractor. Registered User. ... clutching idler. It is most likely an entry level Tuff Torq or Hydro Gear transaxel without any means to change the transaxel fluid (a so-called sealed unit). Yes, my LTX1000 is a hydro transaxle sealed so my understanding is that it cannot be rebuilt. Craftsman hydrostatic drive won't engage. I recently had another apart that only needed a 65 cent spring to get it going, but again the hardest part was getting the air out of the system. Looking for is a sealed unit, but is it missing some fluid? ...or will it work the same? Ithink he gives the hydro-gear part number in the description. 5. 22.0 HP ELECTRIC START 50'' MOWER AUTOMATIC GARDEN TRACTOR. I don't think you'll really need to even drop the deck. If you google hydro-gear you should get a few. I mow approximately 2.5 acres, with half of that on a slight incline (10ft drop over 100 ft). Repeat this procedure with the motion control lever three (3) times. Craftsman Lawn Tractor wont engage (no drive) ... Jimmy - I apologize for the delay in responding (reacting) to your advice following my potential transmission problem on my LT2000 Craftsman tractor ... heard a grinding noise and now my mower won't engage into gear. After the engine is running, move throttle control to half (1/2) speed. My LT1050 with hydrostatic trans mower suddenly stopped moving this week. After assembly was complete, I finished filling the trans, (remove top plug with allen wrench), and now with trans filled with the recomended 20w-50 oil, I then filled almost full, the resevoir and installed it on the tras and installed the trans in the tractor. Using a lawn tractor to mow on hilly terrain or pull heavy loads is the kiss of death for those light duty transaxels. I can't say enough good about this mower. 917.273100 lawn mower pdf manual download. Sitting in the tractor seat, start engine. It would suck to replace the tranny and then have all kinds of other items start to fail and you end up spending more time (and money) fixing it than actually using it. It's older. Engage transmission by placing freewheel control in engaged position (See "TO TRANSPORT" in this section of manual). Good Luck ! Set the lawn tractor park brake to prevent the lawn tractor from shifting or rolling while working. 6. Toro Wheel Horse 522xi GT, Honda HS928TA, Honda HS621AS, Honda HS520A, Toro CCR3000 (work in progress), Honda HS624WA. I would definitely change out the dino oil and replace it with the same viscosity synthetic oil which has a much higher temperature tolerance. 01 - V-Belt. The mower will now move forward and reverse. Makes for a long day of mowing. Fast & Free shipping on many items! 7. My Cub Cadet LT 1024 Will Not Go in Forward or Reverse | Hunker Same here, Sears will come and look at it for 99.99, I’m going to a local guy that will diagnose for 20 bucks. This thing has been nickel and dimming from day one. Has anyone out there purged one of these Hydro Gear units before? It runs for a bit then slows down and then won't seem to engage at all. The hydro tranny is wonderful for hills to adjust the speed according to the condition-up,reverse and turns on the hills. Mine is a little smaller than yours, and they said it would cost $800+ just for the part. If the belt were released, it would allow the tranny to be shifted. If you urchase direct from Hydro-Gear you get a considerable break on the price. Craftsman lawn mower won't move. Does the fluid deteriorate? Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers. How much did the tractor cost initially? The main drive belt was a little frayed; since I had a spare I put it on with no change. Any tractor less than $2K is considered a disposable product with a limited shelf life, especially under the conditions you described. is 2000-006A made by tecumseh..... You got your moneys worth out that LT and it earned it's keep but you may want to consider either a new LT (and hope for another 12 years) or spend a few extra bucks and get a GT that is more up to the task. 5. It is also possible to upgrade it to a K66 model which is MUCH heavier and readily serviceable. Engage transaxle by placing freewheel control in engaged position. Hydrostatic Transmission Repairs. It seems to be the transmission. Good luck. Move lever to full reverse position and hold for five (5) seconds. Shop a huge online selection at Try it out and let us know how the price differs from Sears. After the engine is running, move throttle control to half (1/2) speed. I’m breaking down and doing what I should have done five years ago, John Deer. After everything dried, I re-assembled and filled with new oil. Checked belts, changed fluid, etc. from the owners manual. Is there anyone out there that knows of a way that you can swap this type for an older more reliable type? You pulled the release and now it won't re-engage? Disengage transmission by placing freewheel control in disengaged position (See "TO TRANSPORT" in this section of manual). Its a sealed unit and I get the same response that it is unserviceable. Accessibility. I did peruse ebay before buying from Sears. Thank you for the reply and schematic site. It was driving fine just before this. in reverse it is fine, no noise or slipping only in forward. After complaining to Sears the best I could get from them is 10% off the cost of a new transaxle ($400) and free installation. Good luck! Inspect the drive pulley for damage. I emptied the recovery tank and refilled the trans with Carquest Premium Tractor Fluid. There are a total of 10 springs in two block assemblies in the trans. I have a sears craftsman DYT 4000 series..was mowing with it last summer..put on brake to lift deck..after lowering deck mower would not move forward or backward..also had a screeching sound when put in gear..Back tires wont turn at all even when pulled...mower is about 6 yrs.old...wondering if it could be some of these other problems i have read on here such as brake or the gear oil...Seras wants 400.00 for a rebuilt tranny..I know I wont by another Sears mower..have had to put 2 new carbs on it sense I have had it..Should I try some of these suggestions first. He showed me the movement of the tranny. I have a Craftsman model #917.276681 24 HP 42" cut riding lawn tractor with . Is that the same as the 319-0650? My guess it is about 5 or more years old. I had the Sears repair man out and he said there is no tension adjustment for the belt, which I thought was odd, but he's the pro, right? Those are very lightweight and will provide good service as long as you only mow on mostly flat ground. brokentractor. Kubota, Husqvarna and HydroGear manufacture most hydrostatic transmissions used in the U.S.; their products are installed by Sears in its Craftsman range, and by John Deere. Thanks, Randy. IMPORTANT: Should your transmission require removal for service or replacement, it should be purged after reinstallation before operating the tractor. They're pure lawnmowers and doing anything else besides pulling a light cart is too much for them. ( See ). For example mine drops from $587.07 to $440.80. 8. 4. The main drive belt was a little frayed; since I had a spare I put it on with no change. My Sear DLT 3000 was completely immobile. I read the posts about drilling a hole in the transmission and putting lube oil in. I did have the Sears tech come out who discovered all the above and gave and showed me in my manual and online the p/n for a new one $1000. Try this link: i have a sears DLT2000 lawn tractor...also getting a transmission issue as of last week.