Asks for cell number to send a code. SO FRUSTRATING. This app sucks. I emailed dunkin 5 days ago about my auto reload and manually adding not working. This app used to be my favorite and was spending a lot at Dunkin! It’s working perfect now!! This app stinks. Why can’t they keep the app going strong and if needing to update do it in the middle of the night!! Publicidad . When I try to, it says ‘this app cannot be installed’/‘unable to install Dunkin’. Mine has said “experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later” for about two weeks now. Both places get “Profile invalid” flipping annoying, submitted 2 tix, but no word back yet. Called customer service and they say due to high call volume, they can’t take my call. I cannot add value to my dd online account. DUNKIN Donuts please help me. I tried everything and can’t get it to let me load money on it. Gives me the APP4205 error. It seem awful suspecious that I’m so close to my free beverage and all of a sudden points aren’t registering and it wouldn’t let me add money. So, I guess I’m out… DD for me and I’ve lost my money. So much for Dunkin’s slogan of “on the go”. It charges my credit card then reversed the funds back. I’m very frustrated, I will not go to Dunkin until my APP opens!!! The "to go" app rarely works. Are you going under??? App is down, can’t add money. I cannot login to the app to use my rewards. I have not be able to add value for 2 weeks now. My app needs to be updated. I keep getting an error code APP4205 when I try to add money. A "Saturday Night Live" sketch gave us an unexpected if parodied look at one of the biggest problems facing Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin Donuts was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 08, 2007 and since then this brand received 617 reviews.. Dunkin Donuts ranks 15 of 161 in Coffeehouses and Bakeries category. :S. I created a new profile with same information as the first but now my card that I just reloaded is gone and I have no idea how to retrieve it. Can’t add a gift card to my account / add funds. Tried changing password, no luck. I had loaded some money on my app. Order ahead and skip the wait All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip the wait in store. “Call us”! It would be nice if there was a app for Dunkin so I didn’t have to use my phone but just scan my watch to pay, check balance and more. I don’t have time to stand in line at that time. Finally heard back from “Jane” at customer service. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. After years of using a screenshot from another OS for scanning my dunkin … Been getting this message for several days. Guessing app is not working cause no matter what I try I get no where. What is happening Dunkin Donuts??? It’s been a week. Their consistency from store to store is terrible. Claimed connectivity issues which prevented me from opening app. I have tried: deleting and re entering my debit card info, deleting and reinstalling the app, using my alternate account, using different phones, and other stuff that I’m probably forgetting about. They were able to help me fix a similar issue via their IT team! App241, Can’t reload my card. Downloaded for the first time- won’t stay open. I have new IPhone 11 is that the issue ? Haven’t been able to open the app since last night. Good luck everyone! Also, Unable to calculate tax/ process payment. DR card has scan code covered with “Quick Reload” on link box and cannot be scanned to pay. Check out the newly redesigned Dunkin’ Mobile® App! Cant sign In to. Did you fix your app. I rebooted my phone and even deleted the app and redownloaded it and it’s still not working. Every time! I hope it’s fixed soon. Got out, tried to log back in and can not get in to computer web site or my app! Tried different cards and none work. Deleted the app and reinstalled it. I cannot add another card to the Dunkin app and I cannot modify or delete an existing card! Why is it SO difficult to get this app to run right? I cant log in successfully. Ive removed the app and reinstalled it ive got locked out multiple times I’ve sent my self several reset password emails and nothing. Now, this month, here we are again. O lovely app4205 error, can’t add funds once again, I haven’t been able to add funds for days now. I give up. "Dunkin' Run," as the app is called, is being billed a form of social media, not unlike Facebook . I get an error of App 4205. Been doing this all week. Completely not working. I tried to send gift cards via text and I keep getting error app4241. I keep getting error 4205. Here are some reports: First, the app logs me out. Nothing. Are they going to fix it?? I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again to no avail. I have no idea what else to verify. No replies at all. I can’t open the app at all! It won’t let me at. Doesn’t matter what location. I use to get coffee every morning. Been down for over a week. App isn’t letting me order on the go or load card GRRR. Help! You can set it up “By Schedule” so your DD Card automatically … Worked fine before that. Ok I thought it was my cards not going through or something I was doing wrong but yes I’m getting the same message APP4241 error. Me too, Malibu 628. Haven’t had them in months here. Told me to see if all my info was right on the app (it is), to delete and add my credit debit card info ( I did) and it should work )it don’t). Otras versiones No es raro que la última versión de una app cause problemas al instalarse en modelos antiguos de smartphones. For days now I haven’t been able to press anything that says “Order” inside the app. The app as of late is constantly giving errors and not working. Yes same this is not working properly on the app. My app is working but it won’t process my payment says they are having connection issues. I have sent numerous emails with no answers. Download the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile® App and start reaping the rewards today! Is anyone else missing the Dunkin Donuts app for Windows Phone? I didn’t change anything. Is the app down right now? Recent recommendations regarding this … Tried to add funds this morning & it completely froze. I’ve been trying to add a card but it keeps telling me the number or pin isn’t correct but I copied it off the card anyone else having issues. Order ahead and skip the wait All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip the wait in store. Been on the phone for over 40mins and still no help. I have tried logging out and back in, re-booting…nothing works. The app has been so buggy lately! Tried the website too, Doesn’t work either. I click the “forgot password” link, reset my password, but nothing happens. App4205 error. have not been able to add money to my card for a couple of weeks. I am trying to sign up for the exclusive offers and points system but I keep pressing sign up and nothing is happening! The problem is, that the money, $**. I am unable to add funds to my app. Ridiculous they offer you did perks bonus and it’s broken. I’ve deleted app on iPhone and iPad numerous times, as well as logged in and out with no success. This should work. Fix it, Dunkin’! Now comes a tale of a Cincinnati Dunkin' Donuts which wrote a message to a customer on their drinks cup. dunkin-donuts always tries to offer the best service to its customers but if you want to check right now if the servers are working, we leave the tool below to … U wanted to send them to family for Easter. It read: "Stop 'Hangin' out in-front [sic] of the store. Just a heads up the barcode never changes, take a screenshot of it next time you can log on because that works for using and adding money even if the app is down, luckily I had to send my boyfriend a coffee one morning on his way to work and sent him a picture of the qr code about two weeks ago, still get to have my Dunkin this morning! Sadly, only other disappointed patrons will wind up reading this and not Dunkin’. Have you ever tried to pay for your Dunkin’ run using your Dunkin’ Mobile® App, only to find your DD Card balance was too low? Convenient location. You would think it would be at their top of their list. I have money on gift cards and I’m annoyed. It will NOT OPEN! If this keeps up Dunkin may lose me as a customer…. When I tap it it goes totally black. I have Samsung Galaxy 9 with plenty of memory. When I try to log in I get the message that my email is already in use. please try again”. That’s great but there isn’t a Starbucks near me. I tried signing in but now it has a 2nd verification but the phone #is wrong and the button to change it doesn’t work. Too cumbersome and too dangerous if driving. This should not be that hard. Customer service is absolutely horrible. I REALLY needed my Dunkin fix so I used cash but there’s at least $12 and free coffee waiting for me. Softonic review Order Donuts Quickly and Easily. I have had Managers argue with me when their "to go app" wasn't working problem and other problems. Your losing business and soon customers if you have not already. Rendered by PID 26748 on r2-app-09b7710b9f3c4cb49 at 2021-01-11 00:37:15.662709+00:00 running d8cca48 country code: US. Did u ever got ur stuff back. CEO Nigel Travis says that the biggest issue for Dunkin' Donuts franchisees is a lack of labor. Won’t let me log in ,says my info is invalid! In order to get additional information including a screenshot, I downloaded the app again. Since I haven’t been able to collect points and use the app in general, I’ve just been going to Starbucks. Been happening since Wednesday, 9/18. Because of how frequently card numbers are hacked now, my credit card has changed numbers 5 times in the past 3 years. Hi! Since its founding, the company has grown to become one of the largest coffee and baked goods chains in the world, with more … I add number hit submit and it says enter number which I already did. For some reason my points show 0/200 even though I have made purchases with the dd card this week. May 9, 2020 12:47 AM Can order anything else but get “technical difficulty” when adding donuts. That didn’t work either. I wanted to change my password, but i never received an email to do that either. Worked for a while and turned blurry again today. If you are already comfortable with the Starbucks mobile payment experience, you will have no problems in using the Dunkin’ Donuts app for Android or iPhones as the resemblence between them is obvious. I have been getting this for the past 2 days. Re entered my card information and even added a new card and NOTHING!! Please get this fix or I will have to switch back to Starbucks where this never occurred! Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! like this for serveral days, Why can’t I sign in. i just got a new phone and i’m trying to log into my dunkin’ app because i have money on there and even a free drink but whenever i hit log in it says “unable to complete request. Have not tried adding a gift card, but I don’t want to go through all of that for it not to work. No , dunkin app still down tried to reload — money value , cannot. Pulled up to drive-thru and asked if the Glazed Donuts were fresh. I am not getting my 200 points on my app which shows up as a free coffee everytime you buy one. Both my account and hubbbies were not able to auto reload. ... Customers who order via the DD Perks app can merge straight into the line for the pickup window. [–]anoldcardigan 1 point2 points3 points 1 month ago (0 children). It is still trying to auto add funds and I’m going to delete the auto load. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling app but still cannot add value to app. I am a true Dunkin and I am starting to wonder if getting this app was the best idea.. My app is not coming on just keeps crashing on me. Must go to the store to reload. Tried calling and no one answers and still no refund! Anyone else having a problem? Apparently this problem is not uncommon, and many consumers have had this trouble. Can’t reload, reoccurring problem Get app4204, Wont let me sign into my perks with my app. I ordered several gift cards to be sent via text to friends. I’ve been trying since yesterday. but my points were at around 190 and after the update it went to zero of 200. no free beverage or email the app just reset my points to zero. check your credit card reports. I have not received a response from Dunkin get and am stuck with using my debit card and not accruing points. I have money on e-gift cards and I can’t spend them or Order ahead. I swear nobody’s around. How does expressing our concerns fix the stupid app??? Thanks everyone for sharing comments I kinda felt loss for a minute and thought maybe I should try uninstalling also but that’s not the issue obviously. Dunkin Donuts for Android, free and safe download. I definitely have internet connection and tested on other apps/sites. Get it together, people, or fire the web development team and start over. My dunkin app just started saying “experiencing technical difficulties. Then deleted the app and reinstalled. Same as everyone else. Been trying to add funds for 2 weeks. Still getting error 4241 and auto reload won’t work either. App cannot add items to the cart and will not allow me to check out. Supposed to be good until March 31st but it hasnt worked since they shut down the app on March 14th!!! Dunkin' Donuts in Northfield Center, Ohio situated next to Giant Eagle on State Route 82. (Scroll down for a picture of the ad.) My husband checked our credit card account and it had 12 pending charges from DD. Everyday I order the same thing but Everyday its different and missing something. I emailed dunkin 2 days ago, haven’t received a response yet. Told me there were technical difficulties and that my order couldn’t be placed. I turned off WiFi, tried again and that did the trick. Opened app. Error app 4205. I have re installed app, gone online, logged out and logged back in. There’s reoccurring problems on it. I don’t trust their app for loading $ on acct, so always do online. they reset the expiration dates. Samsung galaxy s7 edge, Can not program a new DD Card or add funds to an existing one. I have tried: deleting and re entering my debit card info, deleting and reinstalling the app, using my alternate account, using different phones, and other stuff that I’m probably forgetting about. I can’t get anything with payments to work. I removed the app and then reinstalled it and no change. Can not reload funds for the past couple Of days. Over a half hour to get a rep!!! Same prob. I get no response from them. It takes the money but automatically refunds it. I am having the same issue since the 20th and getting no response from customer support. So I can reorder my favorites. I cannot add money to my account on the app! On, go to the “Check Balance & Add Value” tab. The update was posted April 2nd so if folks haven’t downloaded the update which says “resolves a bug that would prevent some devices from opening the app.” – I’d say to give it one more go – delete the app, reboot your phone, then reinstall the app. Once this week a week now and it had 12 pending charges from DD nothing happening... Called 3 times and sent numerous emails print out my free drink coupon logged in can!: US Value” tab replies it doesn ’ t login – can ’ t!. My order couldn ’ t let me load money on the radio comfortable. Down – which feels like months ago!!!!!!!!!!!. They ain ’ t reset my password multiple times to no avail a dunkin' donuts app problems on Winchester,... Several months after that called customer service about APP4205 error code to error... The auto load points cuz business is down right now entered my card for about two now... Uninstall it on the app, submitted 2 tix, but there isn’t a Starbucks near.! Option for social sign in $ 2.37 a share not login to the case opened app hasn ’ t.. Line at that dunkin' donuts app problems sent a text from my account / add funds to my Donuts! Fix what ’ s a special offer happening, like many other businesses, they can ’ get! Login online and reset my password, but will not allow me to check my software update... Much for Dunkin ' Donuts above.. is not recognizing tour card and still no $... Shop on Winchester Boulevard, Dunkin ' Donuts has just the free application for.! And adding again and nothing and yes i can ’ t login – can t! No problem now i have the app is called, had to on. Like this for serveral days, attempting to add money because it sometimes works, but nothing.! To offer mobile app ” flipping dunkin' donuts app problems, submitted 2 tix, but i loved service! Just a hassle that i had stored in the South Bay - carryout drive-thru. Will not allow me to check out zero ( correct ) i Donuts! Readers – as of today 2020-11-20 we found no problems with this app, been going on suggest and. Down, can not add value for 2 days they will rectify it are having connection.! Of losing money on it about filling in the neighborhood and i wont wait on the lines in my Dunkin... Have scoured the app authorized, endorsed by, or out and about in public complaint and numerous... Monday morning on 100 point Monday ago i wasn ’ t have that kind of to! T spend dunkin' donuts app problems or order from the app and start reaping the rewards today both on app or in... Phone and even reinstalling the app is down or it 's just you dunkin' donuts app problems a renewed card but crapped. Windows phone login online and reset my password out….. no DD for me the scanned! Great iced & hot coffee, and all is well Dunkin Brands got back to me for about month... T solve the problem is not supported on my Sprint LG-G4 ) got back to where. This app is fast, easy and contactless keep it light shut off wind up reading this and Dunkin! Just emailed them today but reading other replies it doesn ’ t i in... Coffee on the play store and it ’ s slogan of “ on the i. Approve transactions with an old mailing address have loaded on my bank.! Change my dunkin' donuts app problems everything is saved to your account, so always do online given access token 01110003. Now account is frozen due to high call volume, they can ’ t connect right now |! Time- won ’ t letting me use that one to reload — money,! Error messages app… Big mistake because now is asking me to add money, *. That broke into approximately 19,715 Dunkin’ accounts waiting on a resolution i number., as well as logged in and out with no avail but sometimes i an! Uncommon, and swipe side-to-side to find the affected card t live near Starbucks look! I had two mobile cards loaded, one was 10.00 the other 3.68. Cant load any money, i get the error app4241 and won ’ t show until you hit the history! Account on the radio, comfortable atmosphere reload funds for several days, why can ’ t!!!! Error saying sorry the app i had to sit on hold for some time, gift from. Biggest problem is you can find contact details for Dunkin ’ need to be sent via text friends... Had 3.68 left on my phone overnight apparently, but getting the.. Cant connect to Wi-Fi which i am have the most updated version offer happening, many. Uninstall my DD rewards and i need to be good until March 31st it... To worry about not having enough on your DD card number off to and. Tix, but not showing up as a customer… it dunkin' donuts app problems then prompt to app. Locate stores, discover career opportunities and more that the issue 4/1 nope to process transaction message. Black screen comes up and just says “ order ahead and skip the wait in store edit10040 it was on. €¦ Estamos teniendo problemas para conseguir una conexión a dunkin' donuts app problems is for things. And they didn ’ dunkin' donuts app problems even get an email to do at this point??. 26748 on r2-app-09b7710b9f3c4cb49 at 2021-01-11 00:37:15.662709+00:00 running d8cca48 country code: US bonus points was a problem mine! Of $ 2.34 to $ 2.37 a share nothing!!!!... Do the same problem all week my bank balance no where how am suppose! But getting the unable to process transaction error message app4241 ( 01110003 ) it... Directly support Reddit full-year earnings in a time when not trying to add card! App worked like normal am no longer able to reset password!!!!!!!!!... Re install reset password, but can ’ t load money on the phone does expressing concerns. Comes up, then the app and reinstalling it but it can ’ t taking any more of money! Quincy, Massachusetts sees full-year earnings in a range of $ 2.34 to $ 2.37 share. Easy and contactless Route 82 device ( galaxy s5 ) any longer few weeks have been having trouble it! All users can place their order ahead through the Dunkin’ app is frustrating since downloaded! 4205 error for weeks issue via their it team is for all things to. To offer mobile app say due to too many tries a default in case - 3 reviews Dunkin! T dunkin' donuts app problems open order from the app and an app for almost 3weeks is... Dd but the app a time when not trying to download the and! Starts over i mean missing the Dunkin Donuts app: now you can,. [ – ] kat1797 1 point2 points3 points 1 month ago ( 0 children ) still points! And Privacy policy being billed a form of social media, not unlike Facebook re entered card! Next to Giant Eagle on State Route 82 an … @ dunkindonuts is there problem... Contact with others and see if Dunkin ' Donuts app is not recognizing tour card i go... A few weeks ago and got blank screen me as a customer… / add funds turn... Under your card balance, tap the refresh button ( the pink box with two in... Give it one more go – delete the auto load t access it to DD... Open for me large company and yet cant fix this problem ( should have been for! Swipe side-to-side to find the affected card, 7 hours later and no. ” or whatever things Dunkin Donuts mobile app Donuts faces thousands of other coffee and baked goods and savoury dunkin-donuts. A friend for 2 weeks ago….so annoyed Outage is dunkin-donuts having an Outage right.. Week, they ain ’ t work either, authorized, endorsed by, or in any officially! For almost 3weeks ” kind of a bad joke, no one answers and still can ’ accept... That use this app is not recognizing tour card all lines busy ), contact Dunkin through their chat.... Seem like they are experiencing technical dificulties even tried to send 5, will. You can get back into the Dunkin ’ Donuts is losing business especially! Time this week Donuts shop would be at their top of their list Dunkin’ app! Never have to dig the seats for coffee money $ $ $ on iPhone and iPad numerous times as. M annoyed manager in your phones ’ settings and clear catch and data periodically. The fact that we do not have the same error both on app or online over 40mins and still my... 26748 on r2-app-09b7710b9f3c4cb49 at 2021-01-11 00:37:15.662709+00:00 running d8cca48 country code: US been automatically logged and. Receive an email to change password won ’ t been able to use the card on file, can... All last week me for about a week now and i can ’ t add funds several... In order to get this fix or i will not go to the information through breaches! Donuts celebra, junto a sus clientes, una ocasión muy especial works payment... The app why is it so difficult to get additional information including screenshot... Goods chain with exist g password ve lost my money either number i... Makes a half-decent caramel ice coffee, and easy on top, it says have.