Teacher Questionnaire Survey: These are a few of my favorite things! Kindergarten Wish List and Fav Things . Just print off the questionnaire and send it to your child's teacher. Teacher at heart and learner for life. The teacher fills it out and returns it to you. Our wonderful Rennell faculty and staff have filled out forms with their favorite things! Teachers Favorite Things Survey Please fill this form out the best you can. Teachers' Favorite Things. August 2, 2018 By Jamie Dorobek 4 Comments. Welcome home friends! One thing I wanted to do was get each teacher to fill out a “favorite things” survey that I could send home to each of the parents. But for now, I hope you hang out. Wondering when your child’s teachers birthday is or what the enjoy eating or even what their favorite hobby is? You give this list to your child’s teacher before the school year begins. Lover of all crafty things and total book nerd. Otherwise, please contact your student's teacher or the office. Whenever I hear “favorite things,” it makes me think of The Sound of Music (which is one of my favorite things)! Students are then asked why they like/dislike these things and their answers include adjectives. Free teacher favorite things questionnaire ensures you will gift your teacher's favorite things all year long!. Teacher’s Favorite Things Survey. Wish you knew what their favorite soda or coffee was? Maria Bourk. 1st Grade. Embrace things you and your teacher may have in common. 3rd Grade Wish List and Fav Things . Sports team? Teacher’s Favorite Things. In 2004, Oprah surprised an audience full of teachers with her Favorite Things giveaway. Carmen Walker - R/LA IS. Teacher's Favorite Things The holiday season is approaching! Sherry Johnson - Math IS. Address 1330 Creekside Drive, … 3rd Grade Mrs. Ellis Mrs. McMurtrey Mrs. Welker Mrs. Tedder Mrs. Rose Miss Julian. 5th Grade. Teachers' Favorite Things. 2020-2021 . You may share interests or hobbies. We are very thankful for all of the caring and nurturing that you do for our children and knowing a little more about you helps the Homeroom Parent make gestures more meaningful and personal. Rebecca James - Assistant Principal. 1st Grade Teachers' Favorite Things 9/18/2020 12:00 pm. To date, the following teachers and staff have submitted (alpha order by last name): Enjoy the how to's, heart to hearts, and share what is on your heart. You use this list to shape your gift giving throughout the year. Scroll through these pages to find your teacher and what their favorites are! No more buying gifts that you are not sure he/ she will love! There are lots of simple things and bigger things on the list. First Grade. This year I am in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week at our school for the PTA. Summer always seems to go by way too fast. Favorite TV Show/Movie: New Amsterdam and Grey's Anatomy: Favorite TV Show/Movie: British Murder Mysteries, Egyptian Docs Movies & Classic comedies (Indiana Jones, 3 Amigos, Strange Brew Etc. Discover (and save!) Teachers understand that classroom management is a part of their job, but it is often one of their least favorite things to handle. I know that I would have loved and appreciated one of these in years past. Questions? You may remind them of themselves at your age, or of someone, they are close to. 1st Grade Wish List and Fav Things . Make sure you have already taught likes & dislikes before teaching this lesson. Now you can find out and make a small thank you mean even more. Faculty & Staff Favorite Things! I’m calling it “My Favorite Things Printable List”. Jennifer Bisballe Karly Burley Leah Robertson Tiffani Griffard (ASPIRE) Second Grade. This lesson allows students to talk about their favorite and least favorite things. Related Arts. Teacher Favorite Things Questionaire. Specialized Instruction Wish List and Fav Things . 1st Grade Miss Butler Mrs. Dorris Mrs. Mayse Miss Robbins Mrs. Stapp. Print your own Teacher Questionnaire Survey. For more on #OprahsFavoriteThings, visit Oprah.com. Birthday: June 28 Favorite candy bars: Butterfinger, Hot Tamale, any chocolate covered nuts Favorite restaurants: North, Tavern, Chic-fil-a, Mr. Gyro Favorite breakfast: Any Breakfast Roll or Danish or Sandwich Favorite morning drinks: Latte, just a plain latte Favorite afternoon drinks: Coke! What are the best things about teaching? Please ask your PTA related questions via Messenger here: m.me/sfosterpta.Or, you can visit our Facebook Page and ask there. This teacher questionnaire is sure to be helpful for sending goodies throughout the school year. The teacher will then list all of their favorite things and send it ba Cherise Garcia - Counselor . Kindergarten. If you would like to treat your teacher to a small gift of thanks, the printable lists below should help. We have asked our Honeygo Elementary teachers and staff to submit their favorite things in the event any of our Fox Families needed some helpful hints this holiday season and school year! Elizabeth Mulvahill on January 4, 2017 What is it about this crazy, demanding, exhausting job that keeps us motivated and forever digging deeper to make an impact? A Teachers Favorite Things. Dead giveaway: When the teacher asks a question and kids all of the sudden become too fascinated with their spiral-bound notebook to look up. The 20 Most Surprising, All-Around Best Things About Teaching. . 2nd Grade Wish List and Fav Things . This may be the only proven thing that determines which students will become a teacher’s favorite. In preparation for the big day, I like to print a few of these “All About My Teacher” printables to hand out on meet the teacher night. Farmah Hassan - 1st Julius - K Katkowski Kolbe-Clifford - Support Kostur - 1st Ludwick - Support Morton Nelson - 3rd Torres - K Walker - K Whitaker - 5th White, M. - 2nd. Special Needs. Teacher’s Favorite Things Printable Questionnaire. Specials teachers are at the bottom of the list below. You bet your ass teachers have favorites. 2nd Grade Ms. Lux Mrs. French Miss Cook Miss Troyer. Favorite Things; Contact Us; Teachers. Article from skiptomylou.org. Teachers Favorite Things. 3rd Grade Teachers' Favorite Things 9/16/2020 12:00 pm. Ferraro Jennings LoBiondo Mahony McCarn Mullane Hill Tartaka. teacher favorites fill-able form & personalized notecards I laughed when Patrick told me he mentioned to Ashlee, that when I ask her about things (concerning their upcoming wedding) way ahead of time, it's not that I'm being pushy, it's that I like to be organized and prefer items checked off my "to do list" much sooner rather than later. Please send the Teacher's Favorite Things form to your favorite missing teacher, and email the finished product to bearcreekpto@yahoo.com. Eagles. Oct 30, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Indy. Resource Teachers. 2nd Grade. I'm Patty May! Ice cream? 4th Grade. Becca Adams Jayne Williky . your own Pins on Pinterest Teacher’s Favorite Things. Favorite things questions can really teach you a lot about someone, so take this as an opportunity to learn about anything you are really curious about! Some online, some in the classroom, and some brand new to our school. Indian Land Elementary's wonderful PTO has compiled a list of each teacher's favorite things. After several years of the old format with some feedback of things that didn't translate everywhere & adding in more options for things that can be sent via email (lots of gift card suggestions), I have made some updates to the Favorite Things Template. Meredith Akers - Principal. Teacher Favorite Things Lists Another new school year means new teachers for all of us. The idea is simple. Teacher Assistants. I can not believe that my kids start school in less than a month! What Are Your Favorite Things? Kindergarten. Teachers understand that students deal with different, sometimes challenging, situations at home and often go above and beyond … And, now it’s time to start thanking all those fabulous teachers out there. Cute idea to pass out at the beginning of the year to find out the teachers favorite things for a teachers gift. Because of all the NEW, Creekside PTA has added links for each of our Teacher's Favorites! 4th Grade Wish List and Fav Things . Mashburn Teachers' Favorite Things. Want to find a special way to thank your child's teacher? May 5, 2014 - Teachers Favorite Things Free Printable. Birthday: July 10 Favorite candy bars: Red Vines, Swedish Fish, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Favorite restaurants: The Mixx, Enjoy, Jose Peppers/Cactus Grill Favorite breakfast: Donut or Bagel Favorite morning drinks: Coffee Favorite afternoon drinks: Diet Coke Favorite desserts: Candy (of any kind) Use as a fillable PDF or as a free printable. These are the lists! 5th Grade Wish List and Fav Things . It’s hard to believe that it’s time to head back to school already. Several years ago, I read an interesting idea in an article for PTA and PTO boards suggesting that the volunteers draft a Teacher Survey to keep on file for teacher appreciation events. I'd love to sit at the table, have coffee, and share life. 4th Grade A new an improved "Teacher's Favorite Things" is here! Explain to children that they will each make a body portrait to depict their family and their favorite things, including favorite foods, toys, activities, books, animals, or people. Teacher Resources . Molly Swanson - Assistant Principal. Teachers. Karen Blackwell Brittany Cohen Meagan Neptune Colleen Patton (ASPIRE) Third Grade. Dec 1, 2020 - Grab this free teacher favorites questionnaire to get to know the teacher this year! FAVORITE THINGS. AnnDrea Searby - Counselor. Kindergarten. Kara Black. August 2020. 3rd Grade. Here’s what the WeAreTeachers community has to say.