Assistant Professor, Biochem/Mol Bio The main focus of my research is to understand the mechanisms by which RNAs mediate gene expression and regulation in both bacterial and eukaryotic systems. Features. The Committee on Evolutionary Biology (CEB) is a unique interdepartmental and inter-institutional graduate student training program dedicated to the study of Evolutionary Biology. The internationally recognized, prize-winning biosciences faculty at the University of Chicago lead interdisciplinary research at more than 50 University institutes and centers, and introduce and master the latest technology. UChicago faculty lead cutting-edge research. If you have any questions about navigating the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division curriculum, please contact the BSCD advisers: Dr. Chris Andrews, BSLC 306, 773.702.1214,; Dr. Megan McNulty, BSLC 304, 773.834.7744, The research needs of our faculty drive the development of new facilities and technology, as well as enhancements to existing facilities. Dr. Drummond is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Human Genetics. University of Chicago PhD Program in cancer biology. Their innovative thinking and expertise have contributed to dozens of scientific breakthroughs over the past century, … Their innovative thinking and expertise have contributed to dozens of scientific breakthroughs over the past century, from pioneering the study of ecology to discovering the first consistent chromosomal abnormalities associated with cancer, from advancing clinical electrophysiology to reshaping the study of gene function. Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy. 924 E. 57th Street My lab studies this in the context of pathogen-host interactions using the gram negative... My lab studies the assembly and function of sensorimotor circuits. Assistant Professor. In my communications with faculty prior to joining the Cell and Molecular Biology program, it was clear they were invested in my development as a scientist. Campus. Program Features. Chemical Biology aims to leverage the tools and principles of chemistry to understand complex biological systems at the molecular level. Thomas Pashby. Morris Fishbein Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Science and Medicine. The internationally recognized, prize-winning biosciences faculty at the University of Chicago lead interdisciplinary research at more than 50 University institutes and centers, and introduce and master the latest technology. Apply Today. Richard G. Fehon. Faculty Title Department Area(s) of Research Profiles; Yali Amit : Professor : Statistics : Computational : Profile: Demet Arac-Ozkan The University of Chicago Department of Physics 5720 South Ellis Avenue Room 201 Chicago, IL 60637 P: 773-702-7006 Professor, Mol Gen/Cell Bio. The Graduate Program in Biophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago is designed to transcend traditional divisional and departmental boundaries for the purpose of training a new generation of scientists who will be skilled in addressing biological problems using quantitative, physical approaches. The University of Chicago Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology Cummings Life Science Center 920 E. 58th Street, Suite 1106 Chicago, IL 60637 773.702.1620 The Glotzer lab focuses on questions related to cell organization. Professor, Mol Gen/Cell Bio. Associate Professor, Biochem/Mol Bio . His group studies how cells respond to stress at the molecular level... Yoav Gilad. Michael I. Coates. At a major resear… The faculty of UChicago College are distinguished scholars and scientists, renown for shaping and defining entire fields of study. These links and many more resources can be found in the University's portal, my.UChicago. The Office of the Provost; Faculty Handbook; Resources for faculty. The faculty are also infused with a strong sense of pride in their teaching and a profound commitment that their work as educators will have a dramatic impact in defending the fundamental values and the style of intellectual life that defines the University. How do cells coordinate the position of the contractile ring with the position of the spindle? Join our community of scholars in leading tomorrow’s breakthroughs. The lab approaches questions of pattern formation and cell fate specification in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. By... Research ... Two-Time UChicago William J. Michel RSO of the Year. Information Processing and Control in Biology: Energy dissipation is a characteristic feature of feedback and information processing circuits in biological systems. Stuart Hall, Room 231-B ... Service Professor. Chen W, Hu Y, Lang CF, Brown JS, Schwabach S, Song X, Zhang Y, Munro E, Bennett K, Zhang D, Lee HC. The faculty of the College believe that a sound knowledge of biology is essential for understanding ourselves and the world in which we live, as well as engaging many pressing problems facing humanity and becoming a part of their eventual solution. Phone: (773) 702-7891Fax: (773) 702-3562 Click here to return to UChicago BSD Main Cancer Biology Site! Richard G. Fehon. The University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences 5841 S Maryland Avenue Chicago, IL 60637 © 2021 The University of Chicago Professor . Phoenix Biology is the University of Chicago's premier undergraduate organization for the biological sciences. The Committee on Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology (GGSB) brings together over 70 faculty from many academic departments and over 25 active students with a variety of research interests. Cellular and Molecular Biology; Cancer Biology; At the forefront of biological research for more than a century, UChicago scientists have furthered efforts to diagnose and treat cancer, discovered a way to preserve blood, and laid the mathematical foundations for the theory of genetic evolution. Faculty Highlights. My broad interest is in how organisms adapt to a changing environment. Diversity. Ed Awh is a professor in the Department of Psychology, The Institute for Mind and Biology, and the Grossman Institute for Neuroscience, Quantitative Biology and Human Behavior. Email: Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in Biology and Medicine in Biological Sciences, Academic Posts with THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. UChicago's provost is responsible for the planning, implementation, and administration of academic programs, and for ensuring the robust health of our academic values. Roman imperial history; law, administration and cultural change in the Roman empire; religion and intellectual life in late antiquity; religion in the Roman empire Dr. Alpert is a surgical pathologist who focuses in gastrointestinal pathology. For more information, email John Kennedy at The University of Chicago Department of Ecology and Evolution 1101 East 57th Street Chicago, IL 60637 773.702.1988 (phone) 773.702.9740 (fax) UChicago CCB. LBQ 520. Our science is made possible in part by the cutting-edge technology offered through more than 20 core facilities, like state-of-the-art integrated microscopy imaging stations, the next-generation sequencing available in our genomics facility, and Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source, which generates the brightest high-energy X-rays in the Western Hemisphere. UChicago faculty conduct research that shapes fields and changes lives. Office Location & Hours 1427 East 60th Street Chicago, Illinois 60637. BSLC, Suite 104 On Research Leave, 2020-21 Field Specialties. Biology is the study of life, past and present. More... Current Students. BSD Cancer Biology Site. The Dynamics of P Granule Liquid Droplets Are Regulated by the Caenorhabditis elegans Germline RNA Helicase GLH-1 via Its ATP Hydrolysis Cycle. David B. and Clara E. Stern Distinguished Service Professor; Professor of Classics, History and in the College . Professor, Emeritus Department of Ecology & Evolution Committee on Evolutionary Biology Biological Sciences Collegiate Division Committee on Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology Office: Zoology 410 | Phone: 773-834-2978 | Fax: 773-702-9740 | email: rr-hudson(at)uchicago(dot)edu I was initially attracted to UChicago due to the exceptional faculty. Contact Us! Foster Hall, Room 307. Department of Computer Science 5730 S. Ellis Avenue John Crerar Library Chicago, IL 60637 P: 773.702.6614 F: 773.702.8487 . Current CCB Mentors. Chicago, IL 60637, Biological Sciences Postdoctoral Affairs & Association | The University of Chicago, understanding the impact of climate on biodiversity. The long term goals of my lab are to understand the molecules and developmental programs that regulate neuronal development and wiring. Our curriculum offers courses in many fields, from theoretical to experimental biology, and from molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying life to the complex interactions of organisms in ecosystems. However, UChicago’s strongest selling point has to be the sense of community shared by its students and faculty. Today UChicago biosciences faculty are discovering the vast opportunities presented by advanced microbiome research, finding a cure for celiac disease, and understanding the impact of climate on biodiversity. Monday–Friday 8:30 AM–4:30 PM. Student Life. Francisco Bezanilla among the UChicago Faculty Elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences Anthony Kossiakoff wins the Anfinsen Award The University of Chicago Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Gordon Center for Integrative Science 929 E. 57th Street W225 Chicago, IL 60637 Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs Biological Sciences Division Current research efforts span the fields of cell biology, cancer biology, medicine, synthetic biology, genomics, and materials science. Housing. Office phone: (773) 834-4703 Fax: (773) 834-3816 Office: BPSB 125B UChicago Medicine At the forefront of medicine since its founding in 1927, the University of Chicago Medicine is a not-for-profit academic medical health system that includes hospitals, outpatient clinics and physician practices throughout Chicago and its suburbs. Engage with other students and faculty to foster a dynamic community of peers and colleagues in the biological sciences through meaningful and lasting interactions. Robert Richards. Research Research The Department of Organismal Biology & Anatomy, and its Graduate Program in Integrative Biology, is home to faculty and students with wide ranging interests in biological structure, function, development and evolution at the level of the organism. Sensorimotor circuits, such as those found in the human spinal cord, are required for all behavior.... Development, Regeneration and Stem Cell Biology.