Check Latest Price. David Chandler, Ph.D., writes for the ConsumerAffairs Research team to help consumers make smart purchasing decisions. With the inception of the Golf-Lift brand in 1991 and the Direct-Lift brand in 1999, the company gained success in both the turf equipment and automotive enthusiast markets. The two posts work in tandem at matching speeds to lift … We value your privacy. Keep it polite and on topic. All lifts have full CE, a mechanical locking system, and are designed to operate from a standard UK 240v single phase mains supply plug socket. Article: How to furnish the interior of your Classic, Rolls-Royce Shadow vs. Bentley Mulsanne vs. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, MGB vs. TRIUMPH NT-9 Two Post Floor Plate Lift. Eagle Equipment has been a source for product innovation in the automotive industry since 1954. Founded in 1984, Derek Weaver Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of car lifts and auto shop equipment. The most common place to find an auto lift is a mechanic’s garage. With a drive for innovation, Challenger Lifts has developed several technological advances to make its auto lifts environmentally friendly and efficient. Servicing and spares back-up are available, too. Again, operated by parking over the platforms, placing the rubber blocks under any jacking point and lifting, the twin platform design is well covered by Strongman with two models, starting at £1700 with the more robust “Chepstow” and £2200 for the Clifton at just under £2300, all including VAT. All lifts come complete with guarantee, and delivery as well as installation by their own engineers is offered. Some of Heaviest Deadlift Ever: 11. The mid-rise scissor lift, with Strongman that’s the “Tamar” (£1300), with a raise height of 1.25m is ideal for fettling, steering and brake work. Alignment lifts are four-post lifts with extra features for alignment services. Titan sells two- and four-post lifts along with scissor lifts for hobbyists and professionals. We previously just had a few pairs of standard length cotton straps and during practice with the implement the straps were very hard to get around the handles as they were too thick and not long enough. From 2 and 4 post car lifts, scissor lifts to portable column and alignment racks and motorcycle lifts, we offer them all—at a great price. Starting at £2450, the “Bonar” is designed more for light fettling and offering extra parking. Titan Lifts is headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana, and manufactures auto lifts for hobbyists and professional mechanics. Visit for more information or buy the product. Working on a vehicle is not for the faint of heart. Now, BendPak manufactures various models of automotive lifts for home and industrial use. Mobile column lifts consist of multiple columns that can be positioned around a heavy vehicle and linked to lift at the same time. It takes a precise skill, strength, patience, and commitment to troubleshoot until the job is done. Let’s talk about these 2 sports and mention the practical use for everyday life. Because auto lifts can be expensive investments, make sure you have the proper support. In my garage, I'll be forced to limit the lift height but if I really needed to raise the car to the full height, I could simply lift it in my driveway. The device can be … For multiple lifts, the “Donnington” utilises a ‘sharedpost’ design; an additional platform being added with an extra leg. If you plan on lifting small cars or lawn equipment, you won’t need quite the power of a heavy-duty auto lift. You can train the deadlift in almost any gym, since you only need a bar and plates. Though most common in car repair shops, auto lifts are now affordable enough to use in home garages. The deadlift is the bread and butter of the strongman competitor’s training. Capacity, Gray, Model Number MD-6XP at A person needing to store vehicles will not necessarily need all the amenities of a full-service garage. These car lifts range from heavy-duty and extra tall lifts for commercial use to smaller lifts for hobbyists and personal garages. With other lifts having at least two bars that get in the way of transmission jacks and creeper seats. BendPak began as a lift product built by Quality Machine and Associates in 1979. The design does require more thought and attention when working, as getting the car balanced correctly on their arms is essential for safe use. Initial thoughts on the pro's and cons. Though Mohawk specializes in heavy duty lifting equipment, the company also offers a few lifts built for smaller garages. Founded in Moorhead, California in 1999, Danmar Equipment is a designer and manufacturer of auto lifts and garage equipment. From planning your workspace to helping set up financial plans, customer support is an important consideration, especially if you’re just starting out with your garage. The BendPak brand has been associated with quality construction since its release in 1979. Their quality and variety can’t be beat. Car lifts hoist vehicles to maximize parking and storage space or make maintenance access more comfortable. Deadlifts become deadlifts with an axle bar, pressing movements are usually overhead, and atlas stones are in the mix too. The Strongman Conwy scissor lift is a great solution for raising cars up to multiple levels. They are used in both public parking facilities and private garages. Unsubscribe easily. With full-lines of two- and four-post lifts, Danmar’s products fit garages of any size. Lifts tend to take up a lot of space, and even the ones that collapse still require storage space.. Two-post car lifts are the most common lifts found in automotive shops. If you are more comfortable lifting the car by its wheels, a four post design from Strongman’s range will suit you better, with its unique range of sizes and designs to fit into the smallest of spaces. Strongman utilizes many similar movements to other lifting sports, but often with an interesting twist. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Stratus Base Plate 10,000 lbs Capacity Dual (2) Point Manual Release Lift Was: $1,799.00 Now: $1,499.00 All lifts are manufactured in the United States. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. Auto lifts are common fixtures in parking lots. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*
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