Supervisor: Munther N. Thiyab Zener diode characteristics 1 Experiment #5 Object To study and measure the effects of forward and reverse bias on the Zener diode current. Thus it acts as a voltage regulator. Theory. current increases at a rapid rate. Brief Theory: When a reverse-bias voltage is applied to a pn junction, the electric field in the space-charge region is increases. While doing the experiment do not exceed the ratings of the zener diode. (ii) REGULATION CHARACTERISTICS: THEORY: A zener diode is heavily doped p-n junction diode, specially made to operate in the break down region. But due to higher doping concentration, higher current flows through the Zener diode.In the third quadrant, the magic happens. P-N Junction Diode Characteristics 3. Rectifiers (without and with filter) i) Half-wave Rectifier ii) Full-wave Rectifier 5. List of Experiments Minimum of Ten Experiments need to be conducted 1. The zener diode characteristics … Study of CRO Operation and its Applications. Here the Zener diode acts like an ordinary diode.When a forward voltage is applied, current flows through it. Experiment no. This is to compensate for the damage that occurs in the case of a pn junction diode when the reverse bias exceeds the breakdown voltage and thereby . In the forward biased mode the zener diode operates as a p-n diode. 1. : 5 Lab. To study the voltage regulation in Zener diode regulation circuit. Result: a. 2. Zener voltage references. A p-n junction diode normally does not conduct when reverse biased. David started the tutorial comparing between zener and regular diode. This may lead to damage the diode. Apparatus:-Experimental kit and patch cords. A graph of current through vs the voltage across the device is called the characteristic of Zener diode.The first quadrant is the forward biased region. The V-I characteristics of a diode can be forward or reverse. Zener Diode Characteristics i) V-I Characteristics ii) Zener Diode act as a Voltage Regulator 4. We are going to learn about an experiment to find out the Zener breakdown voltage and draw the characteristics of Zener diode.Why should we do this experiment? 2. The P type has excess For correct voltage regulation, we need to find out precisely what voltage should be across the Zener diode.Zener breakdown voltage should be approximately close to the desired … In the circuit above, there is 10 V across the Zener diode, and 2 V across the resistor. The fixed voltage property of Zener diodes makes them extremely handy as quick voltage references. 2. The circuit diagram to plot the VI characteristics of a zener diode is shown. To construct a Zener voltage regulator and experimentally determine the range over which the Zener maintains a constant output voltage. The forward characteristics of a diode is non linear. With 2 V across a 400 ohm resistor, the current through that resistor (and the diode, in series) is 5 mA. EXPERIMENT: DIODE & ZENER DIODE Objective:- To study the forward and reverse bias characteristics of diode and zener diode. Zener doide is a special diode with increased amounts of doping. Objectives: To study the characteristics of Zener diode. The electric field may become large enough that covalent bonds are broken and electron-hole pairs are created. The graph showing the forward bias voltage and forward current is known as the forward characteristics, and that showing the reverse bias voltage and reverse current is known as the reverse characteristics. Here V z is the Zener breakdown voltage. Theory:-A Semiconductor diode is prepared by joining P and N sections of a semi conducting material like germanium or silicon. In the reverse biased mode zener diode has large breakdown voltage and though the current increases the voltage remains constant.

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