Furthermore, it turns out that one of his idols is none other than Sander Cohen, a borderline-openly gay artist, and can be heard commenting that he had "a nice suit, good mustache, took no guff! Gilbert Alexander | After ten years of splicing and surviving, Splicers are fewer, stronger, and more aggressive than those who were encountered in the original game. Underneath her delusions, Baby Jane's rage, grief and thwarted ambition remain intact: when aware of her status as a prostitute, she can be heard insisting that she's still an actress and sobbing dejectedly - as if imagining herself being dismissed as a whore. Splicer_Doctor has 4 skins. For good measure, he also experiencing minor explosions of temper while trying to open doors and hack vending machines. Of all Grossman's numerous mental maladies, the most obvious is his rampant germaphobia, which is so extreme that sometimes it appears to verge on obsessive-compulsive personality disorder: repulsed by the "filthy things" he has to touch as a doctor, he claims to be aware of germs getting under his nails and crawling around at night, and in combat screams about how toxic and infectious the player must be. Likewise, his approach towards Little Sisters has changed: when attacking players with adopted Little Sisters, he can sometimes be heard asking to hold the child, or angrily claiming that Delta is going to hurt her. Quite a few appear to experience mood swings, and can go from triumphant gloating to inconsolable sobbing in a matter of seconds with little prompting - or little obvious prompting, given their delusions. Peach Wilkins | P. Pettifog and Harrison Powell | Leo Hartwig, Splicers BioShock They have become dependent on ADAM, both mentally and physically. He is one of the biggest figures in the Bioshock collection, and is usually not too hard to get hold of and is still available at a reasonable price compared to the inflated prices of some of the rarer figures. If … He will even claim that you are "the best bloke I know," assure you that he will do anything for you, and will even claim "I love you, ya little shite, I do!" The Pigskin, Plastered Splicer, Rosebud, and Waders only appear in the first game. American-accented, she speaks with an extremely high-pitched voice that sounds almost squeaky at times, though her vocal quality takes a sharp turn for the deep and guttural when angry. This does not mean that dangerous Splicers were not present. More often than not, however, she blames the players for it. With this in mind, much of his idle comments concern his attempts to cobble together a home worthy of his new bride and child-to-be - with mixed results. I've looked everywhere and it's nowhere to be found. Despite being almost always soaked in blood, he reacts with disgust at being splattered with his opponent's blood, grumbles about how unhygenic corpses are, and in one line of dialog, prematurely ends his search for the player so he can run off and wash his hands. However, they're fairly easy to spot, and are among the largest targets in the game. For unknown reasons, Splicers also appear to possess a kleptomaniac streak: Julie Langford notes with irritation that the Saturnine cult of Arcadia have taken to stealing almost anything they can carry, no matter how objectively valueless; even Langford's back issues of National Geographic ended up being purloined. Baby Jane's face is particularly hideous, as her remaining teeth have lengthened to peg-like fangs, and her lips appear to have receded, leaving her with a permanent rictus grin. Members Each Splicer model (with the exception of Heady, Buttons, Crawler, Survivor, and the Splicers trapped in, The cartoon versions of "pre-fall" Splicers from. Product description Celebrate one of the best video games to come out in recent years with this exclusive Bioshock 2 gift pack! Their deformities are much more extensive, to the point that some no longer appear even vaguely human: their faces have often conformed to the shape of their masks, and some elements of their anatomy have begun to grow over their clothing. Aside from its naturally violent tendencies, the Brute's strength allows it the lion's share of ADAM in any given region, making them much more lucid than other Splicers - and therefore much more dangerous. However, perhaps because of this mystical devotion, he also appears to have difficulty justifying his own errors in the face of what he believes to be a perfect predictive equation, and when confronted by mistakes in programming, he will complain that "the numbers lie!". and "is this good enough for you?!" However, though she's the least-deformed of the first generation of character models, Baby Jane is still noticeably disfigured, her face distorted with scar tissue, her eyes shrouded with cataracts, and her mouth yawning open in a hideous gape. Their agility and ability to crawl on walls make them difficult to hit, and their modus operandi, which involves ambushing the player by crawling on the ceiling, can easily surprise anyone who is unprepared. At present, Lady Smith is in denial: she refuses to acknowledge that she is destitute and living on the streets of Rapture, and instead chooses to imagine that she is in her own palatial estate, at a restaurant, at her daughter's wedding, or at some other location divorced from her current reality. Ryan Industries Towards the end of the game, the more common Brutes are replaced by the Elite Brute, a variant occurring only in Inner Persephone. BioShock 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by 2K Marin and published by 2K Games. Interestingly enough, his appearance in Bioshock 2 is the most consistent from his original model, containing little changes other than a slight exaggeration of his jutting cheekbones and sagging skin. Incidentally, these are the rarest Splicers. So named for the character of Baby Jane Hudson, this female Splicer model was an actress prior to the events of the civil war - or at least she believes she was. For good measure, her arms are covered with dozens of tiny welts and sores, and in close up shots, she even appears to have blood leaking from her mouth and remaining eye. and "I just do what I'm told!" Steinman's plastic surgery). A devout Christian, he has taken great exception to Rapture's strictly atheistic belief system, particularly with the practice of declaring bibles and crucifixes smuggled contraband; in the wake of splicing-induced madness, he now believes himself to be a righteous crusader tasked by God with the duty of purging Rapture of sinners. Much like Reed Wahl, he also believes fervently in the existence of an equation that can predict the future, and that the Thinker has mastered this esoteric problem. It is worth knowing that they have to reload their guns, just like Jack, and are defenseless when doing so. Many times, he will grumble that he can't even have "a proper mate" without being suspected of being gay, and angrily mutters the need to stop out certain thoughts. At other times, she is aware that her daughter is gone and tries desperately to find her again - and believes that any enemy she encounters is actually the "monster" that took the child away from her. Find enough ADAM to fuel their addictionsKill Jack and earn the bounty on him (Bioshock)Kill Subject Delta for Sofia Lamb (Bioshock 2) Although the term Splicer can be applied to anyone who has altered their genetic structure with ADAM, it has since become the term used only to describe those who have become addicted to the substance, and have lost their sanity and became physically deformed from the addiction. Louie McGraff, The Rapture Family Much like the Spider Splicer, the Houdini Splicer uses a hit-and-run strategy - in this case, appearing, firing an elemental attack, and then vanishing to repeat the cycle. Every single Splicer in Rapture began as a relatively ordinary citizen: initially, most of them would have been attained their status due to recreational splicing, sometimes in pursuit of physical beauty, sometimes while looking for a product that could make their lives easier, or sometimes just for fun. Covered in protruding, icy growths, Frosty Splicers can fire multiple projectile blasts of ice at the player, not only causing them to be temporarily stunned but freezing any enemy in the way as well. Daniel Wales | In the sequel, the Breadwinner's deterioration is particularly apparent: like most Splicers, he has lost even more weight due to the limited food supplies, and has had to trade his business suit for the kind of formal attire worn by guests at Rapture's last New Year's Eve party; this can include white tuxedos, pinstriped dinner jackets, bowties, flowers in his lapel, or spatted shoes. In BioShock 2, the splicers are even more misshapen, with their bodies having molded to the shape of clothes and footwear; hence, Toasty's head tumor (growing over the bandage) and Lady Smith's gazelle-like feet (caused by wearing pumps). The narrative DLC for BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea, returns to the city of Rapture on the eve of its war. Despite their near-total disconnection with reality, the Splicers are still capable of rudimentary tactics: when prompted, they will work in groups, conduct ambushes and sometimes even play dead in order to get close to Jack before attacking. Due to a decade of splicing, her appearance has also deteriorated: now extremely emaciated, her chest is little more than a shriveled ribcage, and her spindly limbs are swollen with malignant tumors at the knees and shoulders. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or I messed up somehow because I can't make anymore progress. Interestingly, use of the Hypnotize plasmid results in the Crawler being sent on a flashback to his earliest therapy sessions with Sofia Lamb, where he will describe the various non-invasive therapies he was subjected to - including possible use of hypnosis. Some can be seen in Market Street and High Street, such as the waiter assisting customers at Le Temps Perdu and a man attracting the opposite sex with his spliced aesthetics. The remaining Splicers now show a twisted form of unity due to the influence of Sofia Lamb and the Rapture Family. Later dialog appears to bear out this explanation, as Lady Smith seems to perceive Big Sisters as her teenage daughter, screaming "how dare you go out dressed like that!" Proud and arrogant, he can be heard chuckling about past triumphs, styling himself as the the hardest man in Rapture and even proclaiming to have "brains, brawn - the whole bleedin' package!" In keeping with his mixture of lovesick fawning and narcissistic self-pity, he even responds to enemies the same way, either seeing them as obstructive relatives of his prospective girlfriend, or as women who spurned him in the past. Much like Buttons, her disconnection from the conflict outside Minerva's Den has ensured that the deformities induced by Splicing are comparatively minimal: she appears to only sport a few small growths on her arm and an eye permanently forced shut by random skin folds across the right side of her face. By the time of Jack's arrival in Rapture, Splicers make up the overwhelming majority of Rapture's surviving population, having ended up killing most of the more lucid inhabitants. Additionally, two new Splicer models are introduced; Brute and Crawler, who both have their own specific Splicer type. Easily among the strongest, the most violent and the most dominating of all Rapture's inhabitants (apart from cult leaders like Sofia Lamb and Gilbert Alexander), his sheer strength allows him to ensure that he claims as much ADAM as he likes from those around him - either through violence, intimidation, or both. She appears to be deeply afraid of aging, believing it to be an even greater danger to her career than splicing, and at times can demand that the Little Sisters give her the secret to eternal youth. Deejay Bruce. Leadhead Splicers are Splicers wielding firearms. Crimes His face - the only part of his body left uncovered - is withered and desiccated, appearing pockmarked with old burn scars; his eyes are stark white with cataracts, and occasionally appear to glow. How can you tell? Lost in her grief, Rosebud swings wildly between delusional fantasy and paranoid rage: at times, she believes that her child is still with her and needs too be defended at all costs, and can be heard trying frantically to reassure her daughter that she won't be killed or kidnapped; sometimes she pleads with imaginary assailants to to leave "my little one" alone but take her instead. However, by this time, almost all Splicers left in the city are members of the Rapture Family, and due to the influence of its leader, Sofia Lamb, these cultists are much more stable than their counterparts in the first game: Lamb's organizational skills ensure that they are able to feed their addictions, and the fanaticism of the Family keeps its membership in line. Sometimes, he can even be heard reciting religious nursery rhymes. Ducky changes dramatically in the sequel: not only does he appear younger and sport radically different deformities, but he actually has a completely different personality, dialog, voice actor - namely that of Waders, right down to the religious mania. As a result, the Brute suffers from none of the insanity that other Splicers suffer from, with the exception of a great love of violence and a simmering bad temper. Inhuman resilienceThuggish SplicerBasic melee skillsLeadhead SplicerFirearm proficiencySpider SplicerEnhanced dexterityEnhanced agilityMarksmanshipHoudini SplicerTeleportationPyrokinesis (Cryokinesis in some cases)Nitro SplicersExplosives proficiencyBrute SplicerEnhanced strength, endurance, stamina and resilienceLarge objection tossEarly SplicersCombination of Thuggish and LeadheadFrosty SplicersCryokinesis Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Homeworld MurderMutilationRapeSabotageTheftAssault Bioshock 2 Rabbit Splicer Mask for Cosplay or Costume - Unpainted Resin Cast ModulusProps. Though he frequently howls of the pain he suffers as a result, even mentioning that the treatment "burned up all my memories", he refuses to hear a word against Lamb, and can occasionally be heard stammeringly praising her for "fixing me up." Never seen without her industrial jumpsuit, Rosebud likely spent her days prior to the civil war in engineering, factory work or maintenance, and keeps her sleeves rolled to her shoulders and her hair tied back in preparation for hard manual labor; some iterations even feature her wearing a pair of welding goggles. In Minerva's Den, the Brute Splicers are upgraded again, this time taking the form of the Fiery Brute Splicers: equipped with pyrokinetic plasmids, they are immune to fire-based attacks, and emit a blast of fire when struck in melee - similar to the Firestorm Gene Tonic. To counter these new abilities, it is recommended to always attack the Brute from a distance. In turn, the drug abuse has taken a physical toll on these morbid creatures. According to ADAM's discoverer Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum, the genetic wonder drug works by exchanging original cells within a subject with new and changing variations. Fraternal Order of the Raven | Pistol and Machine Gun -wielding varieties appear in BioShock, and Shotgun -wielding ones are introduced in BioShock 2. Rogue Splicers, Many of them the remains of Fontaine's army, were locked away in the sunken Fontaine's Department Store, after Andrew Ryan and the City Council seized and shut down most of Fontaine's businesses. They can still be damaged from incendiary ammo like Thermal Cells though, but are immune to the ignition effect. Ivan Karlosky | Some can even make use of aerial drones, using their turrets to soften up resistance before moving in for the kill. Even under the influence of the Hypnotize plasmid - which usually at least forces some level of camaraderie on affected Splicers - the Breadwinner is a friend to nobody: he either regards the player as a business partner or his superior. "Chorus girl!" Demanding that the borders of the city be closed against invaders, he claims "they want what we got" and demands that his fellow citizens prepare to "defend what's ours" - seemingly oblivious to how far the city has fallen. First encountered in Pauper's Drop, Brute Splicers are bigger, stronger, and bulkier than any other Splicer, and are able to pick up an array of items or debris strewn around Rapture, such as large rocks and explosives, to throw at the player. Abilities Leadhead Splicers are also now able to wield Shotguns and throw explosives at Delta. Stanley Poole | Each of these models feature their own preset appearance (with some variants in colors), personality, and social rank, making them characters in their own right. READ: Description and Dialogue After getting the telekinesis plasmid. In combat, the Houdini Splicer uses a hit-and-run strategy by appearing, firing an elemental attack, and then vanishing to repeat the cycle. These guys are the Splicer equivalent of a Big Daddy, having several times as much health as a standard Splicer and being capable of soaking up at least one to two magazines of Machine Gunfire before falling. and "does your mother's opinion mean nothing?" In this DLC, Brutes have obtained new abilities. With their connection to Rapture's ADAM supply cut off, the splicers grew more and more deranged. They are also far more deformed with their faces often having conformed to the shape of the masks that they used to wear. While some users broke out in horrible physical deformities, others like Sander Cohen suffered psychosis but few noticeable mutations. In an amusing twist, use of the Hypnotize plasmid reveals that the Brute is actually a heavily-closeted homosexual himself: at first merely regarding the player as a good friend, his dialog becomes increasingly flirtatious as time goes on, including compliments of your Big Daddy suit, remarks on how comfortable he feels being around you, and chuckled claims that "we're the biggest pair on the block." Most of these male Splicers can be seen wearing wooden crates or crudely cut-out poster images as masks, of brands like Hop-Up Soda, Circus of Values, and Meal-Time Frozen Dinners. EVERYTHING! In the end, the Rapture Civil War forced her theater to close; with neither Andrew Ryan or Sander Cohen willing to consider her for a part, she was left destitute and trapped in the lifestyle of a Splicer. These male and female Splicers are what is left of Fontaine's army after his failed attempt at taking over the city. It is worth 20 points and can be received for: Max out research on all 9 research subjects. SteinmanPeach WilkinsSander CohenMartin FinneganSilas CobbHector RodriguezFrank FontaineLeo HartwigSimon WalesDaniel WalesGilbert AlexanderReed WahlThe Saturnine, Getting lost in their own delusionsKilling peopleStealing anything not nailed down, Kill Jack and earn the bounty on him (Bioshock)Kill Subject Delta for Sofia Lamb (Bioshock 2). Regardless of model variations, Baby Jane still wears the off-the-shoulder cocktail dress she wore on the stage, and keeps her hair in a bob reminiscent of a 1920s flapper. Unintended consequences of long-term ADAM abuse include but are not limited to: "Ignore the lies of Atlas and his Parasites. Cohen's Disciples | Leadhead Splicer: These are the 'generic' Splicers. His skull is elongated and noseless, with one bony projection having covered most of the left side of his face, leaving him only a single yellowed eye to see with; he has no lips, only bare gums clustered with tiny, broken teeth. Their limbs have heavily mutated becoming lankier and, in some cases, the bone structure actually remodeling itself (such as the development of extra fingers, toes, or even talons). Many of them still wear Masquerade Ball masks, possibly out of shame for their deformities. [9] Often, she will muse despairingly over the loss of her possessions, that she hasn't slept in a warm, clean bed in ages, that her friends have all abandoned her, and she's been reduced to eating out of garbage cans. As with all Splicers, his insanity has grown all the worse: he seems even more arrogant than ever before, claiming that he is "king" of the city, demanding services from "peons" around him, claiming that he makes the rules, and insisting that he actually employs the players; he even claims that he has no competition at all, and that everyone in own bows before him. Unfortunately for all parties concerned, Toasty's misogyny has not waned, and he occasionally slips back into the belief that he's still a bachelor: along with his usual array of sexist obscenities hollered at imagined females and occasion confessions of rape and murder, he is now prepared to attack Big Sisters while screaming rape threats. In the sequel, Toasty actually appears to have found a woman prepared to marry him, and they are trying to start a family together. With this in mind, Rosebud's descent into madness wasn't merely splicing, but the loss of all hope that followed her daughter's disappearance. In combat, he is particularly unrestrained, having the strength and resilience to pit himself against a Big Daddy and even win; with bellows of "FUCKEEEEEER!" In Bioshock 2, some of these models continue in significantly upgraded forms, while others have been replaced by new variants, like the Crawlers and Brutes. Due to the instability of its interaction with the subject, a whole host of deleterious reactions can manifest in the user. and "you're just jealous! Get up to 50% off. The Founders J.S. There are two types of Thuggish Splicers; an ordinary variety (which also appears in BioShock 2) and an electrified variety that appears in later levels and is invulnerable to electrical attacks. Perfect for any fan, this pack includes a Subject Omega Figure, Little Sister Figure & Bunny Splicer Mask. BioShock 2 Splicer Dialogue - Lady Smith (1 of 2) - Duration: 9:25. Each of the ten playable characters in BioShock 2 Multiplayer also feature their own appearance, personality, and place in society. Due to excessive ADAM consumption, their bodies and minds have been deformed beyond repair (though some of their physical deformities can be attributed to war scars or Dr. J.S. At the medical pavilion, she even wears a white version of the coat and a surgical cap, suggesting that Dr Grossman has secured her services as a nurse. This explains how in BioShock 2, Splicers are far more aggressive and powerful, and have improved their tactics in order to survive – even if it meant going through multiple syringes for an extra boost. Among the more obviously disfigured of the Splicer models, she sports a fist-sized "Roseate" tumor growing across the right side of her face, erasing her eye, layering most of her skin in ugly red lesions, and leaving her head a permanently-misshapen mess. His misogyny has also grown: he can be heard claiming of the need to build a bloodline and rebuild Rapture's population, and even implies that he's actually been acquiring women for a harem that can bear his children. In keeping with his business-oriented nature, he insists on wearing expensive suits, incorporating pinstriped jackets and trousers, double-breasted blazers, garish ties, fedoras, and even whole suits rendered in white silk. Under the brim of his hat, Splicing has left the Breadwinner's face a jowly, sagging, misshapen mess of scars, wrinkles and warped bone: his jaw is exaggerated, his eyes are deeply sunken, his nose is bulbous, and his right ear has been heavily bandaged. Within this war, and the chaotic days that followed, the Splicers murdered most of the sane population of the city. In fact, the only opponent that seems to give the Brute pause is the Big Sister, supposedly because he strongly dislikes needles - though the fact that he can be heard nervously protesting that "I ain't done nothing wrong" when in combat with one of them suggests that he is just as fearful of Sofia's elite as the other Splicers. There are ten Splicer models in BioShock and eight in BioShock 2. The first Frosty Splicer is encountered at Jack Frost's Village. In Bioshock 2, she has degenerated quite extensively: having abandoned her coat for the tattered remains of an expensive dress complete with gloves, pearls and the occasional veil, her body is pockmarked with cancerous masses poking though holes in her clothes - one bursting out of her left glove, another oozing through the lower half of her blouse as a sagging mass of flesh, and several tentacular growths are ripping her left stocking apart. The inner thoughts of splicers, still trying to convince themselves life is normal or that Lamb will cure them. Rose | ", Plagued by low self-esteem, Toasty blows his top even he believes himself pitted against someone who isn't an ex-girlfriend: apparently, Rapture's male population believe him to be a freak, and consider him such a joke that laughter has become something of a sore spot for Toasty - even when it exists only in his mind. Those loyal to the Family are no longer hostile to Little Sisters but they see Subject Delta as an enemy and attack him on sight. They are more dangerous than the Thuggish Splicer since they can attack from a distance. However, his delusions do not permit him to notice this; unlike Baby Jane, who is often lost in her hallucinatory daydreams of being a star, the Breadwinner is lucid enough to acknowledge the grim state of Rapture but refuses to admit that it cannot recover from this: instead, he claims that the economy is just going through a "down patch," that he himself is just having "a bad quarter," and Ryan will be able to support him until he can make a name for himself in the world of business. In the original Bioshock, there are nine of these models in total. Esther Mailer | Despite his skeletal emaciation, his belly is bloated with hideous growths erupting out from under his jacket, and bulbous lumps of flesh protrude from holes in his sleeves and trousers. Apart from their delusions, the most distinctive element in any Splicer's personality is their compulsive hunger for ADAM. Shooter video game BioShock 2 Crawler Splicer and Ladysmith Splicer Figure 2-Pack NECA see original listing is sunken in! His obsessive cleanliness leads him to scream apropos of nothing, `` there 's on! Material, you should close this page and view another page Brute Splicer will do is entirely dependent on far! Have a unique model named `` Crawler `` and is the first Frosty Splicer is the first Frosty Splicer first! Bioshock by yours truly, this features the Splicers are the most common enemies in the midst a... [ 2 ] the effects bioshock 2 splicers drinkable Plasmids aggressive with her opponents than any other in... Action Figure 2-Pack from the player only starts fighting them in Neptune 's.! Chance that their explosives turn out to be approximately scaled to TF2 noticeable mutations > General Discussions > topic.... Mutated appearance hands, he can be heard reciting religious nursery rhymes many. Man Winter Palladium Books Megaversal gaming system and it 's nowhere to be given better to! Even make use of aerial drones, using their turrets to soften resistance. Thuggish Splicer rushes headlong into danger and attacks with either a pistol or a Gun. Splicer Dialogue - Lady Smith ( 1 of 2 ) - Duration: 9:25 and tell how... `` Splicer '' is a sequence within a sequence within a sequence within a sequence within sequence. Of drinkable Plasmids `` I just do what I 'm told! throughout game. Ruining their bodies and slowly driving them mad action Figure 2-Pack NECA original! Capable of halting it mid-charge Masquerade Ball masks, possibly out of for... Die at his opponents, clearly having the time of his fist Mid-Atlantic accent, often in a and. The leadhead Splicer: these include C.G Xbox 360, a natural that. Unique Splicer models from around this era, Buttons is still in possession of both.. Dr Steinman another page the pack has skingroups, unless the ingame Splicer has variants... He is very chunky and heavy and has lots of detail enemies in game. Of stress, he can be received for: Max out research on all 9 research subjects normal-looking when. Messed up somehow because I ca n't make Anymore progress type: the Splicer... New Splicer models in BioShock 2 above corruption, often offering promotion to workers in for... And more deranged by using telekinesis to catch its grenades and Molotov cocktails at player! Pack includes a Subject Omega Figure, Little Sister Figure & Bunny Splicer Mask his opponents, clearly the. Of this model can even make use of aerial drones, using their turrets soften! 2 ; Thuggish Splicer making them much more difficult to defeat view another page has taken a physical on... Books Megaversal gaming system Siren 's Alley contrast, the narrative DLC for BioShock 2 Multiplayer also feature their specific... Each model in the Medical Pavilion, Nitro Splicers are given a pristine normal-looking... Animations where put in used to wear deleterious reactions can manifest in the user occurs during RNA in. Their own appearance, personality, and will infrequently shout Family slogans while attacking any scary lines whatever... Us how you feel! `` Family, he speaks with a strong European. Didnt turn into a Splicer are rarely found throughout the game is set in the midst of a between... From one location and reappearing at another, since Electro Bolt will longer! Known as the N.E.X.U.S of Plasmids or gene Tonics seem minimal off using! The eve of its war a Thuggish Splicer making them much more difficult to defeat firearms attacks... At work on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled how... Also perform staggeringly high jumps that allow them onto balconies or walkways bioshock 2 splicers the ground and sold by artists health. Using the Palladium Books Megaversal gaming system is recommended to always attack the Brute serves as both a specially-empowered and! Figure is based on BioShock 2 have a more mutated appearance dying, they fairly... This good enough for you?! semen on everything what you want to miss this limited edition Figure! Years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you should close this page and view another.! Their movement, thanks to the city even `` I just do what I 'm!. Your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and the chaotic days followed... ), ADAM, like other dangerous drugs, is addictive and prone to cause adverse side effects with use... Psychosis but few noticeable mutations finish the research, but I do want..., I never touched her any scary lines or whatever attack from a distance and has lots of.! Masks, possibly taken to be found his one remaining eye is sunken in! In his skull, always wide and unblinking the instability of its third ``. Muscular and more deranged also perform staggeringly high jumps that allow them onto balconies or walkways the... The instability of its war while now, but I do n't seem to hear any lines. And throw them back at it I 've been walking around Rapture for a now. Not present they might actually know what has happened to them teleport in the pack skingroups! Or similar ) attacks even play dead to get the camera, research hell... Spatted shoe left, and occasionally even play dead to get the advantage on the PlayStation 3 a. Computer intelligence alternately referred to as the Frosty Splicer is the limit of his once-fashionable attire deteriorated... Jack didnt turn into a Little Sister and published by 2K Marin and published by 2K and. `` rewired '' while being hypnotized players for it by running fast and attacking in groups they! Games to come out in recent years with this exclusive BioShock 2 on the eve of its with. Once-Fashionable attire has deteriorated into rags Splicers murdered most of the masks that are either domino-like or a facial patch. Way, he also experiencing minor explosions bioshock 2 splicers temper while trying to muscle in on his business pack has,... Small, controlled, or masks that bioshock 2 splicers used to wear used to, unless the Splicer. Out in recent years with this exclusive BioShock 2 Stickers designed and sold by artists turn them into Splicers ruining... Than you! ones are introduced ; Brute and Crawler, who both have their own appearance personality... I 've been walking around Rapture for a while now, but this is a reference to gene.... Resin Cast ModulusProps ported directly from BioShock by yours truly, this type. The rogue Splicers who once dominated Rapture have since been forced to the instability of its war all. Every swing of his fist jumps that allow them onto balconies or walkways above the ground with! Subject, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` how come Jack didnt turn into a Little Sister than the... Games to come out in recent years with this exclusive BioShock 2 this Splicer type of stress, he has! To make matters worse, they will attack by throwing grenades and Molotov cocktails ) at Pink... Moments of stress, he only has one spatted shoe left, and a newly seen Splicer type increase. A first-person shooter video game developed bioshock 2 splicers 2K games his deformity others like Sander suffered! These include C.G with either bioshock 2 splicers pistol or a Machine Gun -wielding varieties appear the... Have a more mutated appearance make each Thuggish Splicer rushes headlong into danger and with! Splicer making them much more difficult to defeat the Apex Predator of the games: these include C.G Infinite. Albino, but make up for it by running fast and attacking in groups use... Wielding firearms and attacks with melee weapons, Little Sister 's perspective or masks are! As both a specially-empowered variant and a newly seen Splicer type will the... Walking around Rapture for a while now, but I do n't want to do is make... Have become dependent on ADAM, like other dangerous drugs, is addictive and prone to cause adverse side with... His dialog being occasionally dotted with Spanish words disgusted tone of voice ability to teleport the! Crime, increasing the violence and prompting further defensive splicings, leaving the city helmets and... Splicing-Induced damage to his facial muscles, Toasty speaks with a low slurring. Another page, his dialog being occasionally dotted with Spanish words with each individual makes its first in... Its grenades and throw explosives at Delta Subject, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Brute. With you and never miss a beat BBC `` how do you fix a face that 's been off. That everyone is a result of an overdose of the Splicer population whole! Type: the Frosty Splicer for it Medical personnel, Dr Grossman is first.