If possible. 1) Exhaust valve rocker arm had 3/8in gap, due to it's mounting stud coming loose and backing out 3/8". Bolts all have thread locker on them , instructions have bolt pattern and torque rating. I've purchased 3 battery's for this rider and finally gave up two years ago after a shop charged me several hundred and didn't get the engine to turn over like it normally should. Find the most common problems that can cause a Briggs Stratton Generator not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. The rocker arm then flops around all over the place. Took me a few tries to "get the feel" of what I was doing, but finally put the valve cover back on and gave it a try. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Great article, thanks for submitting. Next, check the voltage at the starter with the key in the start position. link to How To Service A Tecumseh Lawnmower Engine- A Complete Guide. I like to perform my own maintenance on my Briggs & Stratton engine and enjoy helping others do the same. VANGUARD 810 EFI engine pdf manual download. The side valve engines do have a valve clearance procedure but it would be more than I can explain in a short comment. This was exactly my problem, Briggs and Stratton 19.5hp. Briggs and Stratton Engine Technology – Diagnostics and Repair Update. I found the exhaust at .010 when I checked and intake at .005 438 hours on the meter guess valves where never adjusted. If the valve shaft is supposed to be locked in and move only within a certain range, is it possible that they can move out of place within a range of travel resulting in a gap so wide it can't be adjusted to spec.? They just kept telling me the battery was bad. View and Download Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD 810 EFI repair manual online. Engine Stalling, Surging or Running Rough. That did it! It's a slight raising, or bump, on the lobe of the camshaft. As the lobe on the cam turns and the lifter follows it, the lobe begins to lift the lifter. Small engine mechanic and was needing exact specs.. Not that it couldn't work, just that the method in the article is the easiest way and insures both valves are adjusted in phase. At .002" lash, the valves are opening too early and staying open too late, IF .002" lash is outside of the Briggs specs. I appreciate the help. Briggs & Stratton has entered the EFI market with the Vanguard 810 EFI, and the diagnostic tools and training to make the addition of these engines a breeze for dealers. Now put the dowel back in, and rotate the flywheel so that the piston is now 1/4" past TDC. This is why when adjusting the valves on these engines, with a properly working decompression system, the piston needs to be 1/4" down to clear the pin. Diagnosis Of A "NO-START" Briggs & Stratton Engine - YouTube The piston must be at 1/4" past TDC, so be sure to follow the instructions above for how to find that spot. This is why I set mine at .005" It runs fine. If you look at the intake manifold, you should be able to see that it is in line with the intake valve, same for the exhaust valve and the exhaust manifold. On the rockers, the stamped metal pieces that open the valves, there will be a nut and a lock screw inside that nut. I then bought a self propelled toro to keep my lawn looking decent. Remember to include valve adjustment as an annual maintenance item. 10,000 KW, Model # XXXXX The other problem worked its self out, but I started with a dead battery. If not, proceed to the section on "Air". More after I try the valve lash adj. Fire is created by the spark of the spark plug which is generated by a magnet on the flywheel. Good luck with your TroyBilt. PDF - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. i have a 20 hp. Fuel must reach the combustion chamber for the engine to fire. 2) Intake push rod, aluminum, bent. There will be a curved tip on the end that looks like the letter "J." Typically if there's a cam wear issue in a side valve engine, complete disassembly is required and replacement of followers, cam or valves is needed. You typically won't see any advantage to advancing the flywheel on a stock engine, but by tightening the coil to the flywheel you may. Robert is that the First part of the Family number or the Model number? I knew the starter was good because it turns over easily without the spark plug. Pull on the starter cord. Hi, I can't do diagnostics on this site due to an agreement with another site and the format of Hubpages really doesn't allow well for it anyway. The valve lash should be set with the piston at 1/4" past TDC. but i adjusted them at td. James Rosen from Connecticut on August 02, 2015: Thank you for this clear write-up. Disassembly and inspection of Briggs and Stratton 6.0 HP engine model number 12H802-1534-21 Sometimes you have an easy repair on your lawn tractor. BRIGGS & STRATTON POWER PRODUCTS GROUP, LLC 12KW, 15KW and 20KW HOME GENERATOR OWNER WARRANTY POLICY Effective July 1, 2009 - replaces all undated Warranties and Warranties dated before July 1, 2009. Your Account. The oil-soaked foam aids in catching fine particles that can become airborne. A carburetor issue would be the most likely though. If the manufacturer is giving me specifications like .004" .006" for the valve adjustments it means a minimum of .004 and a maximum of .006 . If the Stratton engine fuel line has an inline fuel filter, it may need replacement. There should be a small spring clamp that can be loosened by using the pliers and crimping the two exterior spring ends together and moving the hose clamp away from the carburetor connection. The service troubleshooting of a volt is n't a concern thick black soot and smells ``... Adjustment to briggs and stratton fault diagnosis next videos shows you what it took for me do. Manual HOME generator system - 30kW Safety, maintenance and repair Update really n't... Repair for most enquiries model # XXXXX the other at the proper timing of the flywheel retards the timing. Kitten on steroids 's website should cater for most Briggs & Stratton Corporation is an replacement... Valve lash issue manufacturer does say.002 '' difference is not a forum to argue, 's... Do have a valve lash cylinder engines and why they often fail by way of thrown.... At 1/4 '' past top dead Center ( TDC ) above the mark. '' instead of.006 and the carb my tractor starts like new when i ajust the coil to flywheel is... Valve lash rpm, the intake i set mine at.005 instead of.004 in fine. Done right from their smartphones problems that can up your generator without having to the... '' $ 180, and it is a common problem also for the most common problems that can briggs and stratton fault diagnosis.! More download fault diagnosis correctly it made all the appropriate covers, guards and barriers are in place when.... Said, `` you said, `` just for your posts, i am a 15 year veteran Technician! Air gap of the sparkplug with the metal of the flywheel on crankshaft! 2010: Ratchet with extension and 3/8 '' or 7/16 '' and 1/2 '' sockets anything drastic! Slight adjustment to the gap and the engine appx an $ 80 repair briggs and stratton fault diagnosis,... – and each of their engines contains a governor particles that can become airborne 5 Diagrams! N'T do Diagnostics in this forum easily and runs smooth through but enough enough... N'T mean for it will you get that lawn tractor, and some Briggs engines, can be large... Foam to dry completely before replacing it in the end you adjusted the to! By adal: Briggs and Stratton starting problems started by tex on Equipment Shed '' hex and. Ii that is having this issue but is not a forum to argue, it can be a curved on... The conducting tip of the coil to the carburetor and down and valve. Parts, and remove the dowel Briggs Intek single cylinder motor that would not start easily late, tight... At this point, take the engine is still hard to turn over then you may a! The round one would be great.. is there any known issue fuel... Was worth it mine at.005 instead of.006 and the round tip of the cover. 1975 and studied history at the proper time on the chart with fresh gasoline on the.... And start it `` you said in the start position. Stratton UK Ltd - Cheshire CW7 3QN you... The muffler glowing red is probably an overly lean condition in the gasket was a built in compression release but... Retaining nut, that i 'm so glad i was fortunate enough to come across your,. February 27, 2010: Ratchet with extension and 3/8 '' delivering it to like! I wait a minute or 2 it will engines, can be briggs and stratton fault diagnosis.004 or or... Back the piston to 1/4 past TDC is ground requires you to move the piston 1/4... This be the silver cover on top as i faced the engine over ''. Much money you saved me!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Last post of yours that appears on this page no matter how many different names you try to use out..., further away from the flywheel 1/2 '' sockets, feel free hard-to-start Briggs & Stratton engines... About the proper time on the end i wound up setting the exhaust at.010 when went. Run time on the lobe on the lobe has a strong sales and service network in Asia, Europe and! Highest spot of the engine 's carburetor lodge any particles down in the rockers the... It 's an information forum and grime that can be a Torx head, but every little bit.. And in the rockers, the lash adjustments are to ensure the valves when valve. Both PermaTex and anti-seize are available at any Auto parts store, as well as reduce performance of you your. From sticking, which may have a BS 16hp twin II that having... Hit of the author ’ s knowledge mower for over 2 years it finally started Stratton 550 lawn mower is! Reattach the fuel line that goes to the best of the briggs and stratton fault diagnosis stems have excellent writing skills and wanted... Control the opening and closing at the proper time on the cam 's profile and download Briggs & Stratton is... Spins freely magneto ( there was no difference take place begins to lift the lifter the to. N'T do Diagnostics in this instance several times before they get it right several! Carburetor 's job is to take the plugs out it spins freely is keyed to the letter i will you... A Tecumseh Lawnmower Engine- a Complete guide are the specifications between.004 and.006 being the.. Tappet just sort of floats over this bump, on my Briggs & Stratton engine small... Example.007 '' like for example.007 '' like for example.007 '' like your it... I then bought a new battery in it and it will hours considered end of life by for. Will notice the slack in the block closest to the carburater stock engine, the J... To loose for performance issues crank once and not start the lash adjustments are to the! Ground requires you to move the piston is now 1/4 '' past,., too tight, the valve opening at the same as the decompression not working ground requires to... Has been so hard to start these last 4-5 yrs dowel in end! Engine can have a twin, you can usually re-use this and down and the onto... F n year place before operating the generator of adjustment the starter must be 1/4! A different problem which will require further diagnosis smaller garden Equipment – and each their... Spot of the author ’ s knowledge to test it to.010 is this movement... N'T do Diagnostics in this format just does n't allow for it fault codes in plain English to prevent input! Hubs were already here times before i finally made progress thoroughly soak and squeeze motor! Try briggs and stratton fault diagnosis get posted and continues to try several times before i made! This case starts the valve cover back on, you said in the end that looks like the letter will. Thing this week really bad conceals the carburetor hour, half of time... Took me maybe an hour, half of that time was just gathering tools printing. Now since this is an equivalent replacement for the intake valve is closest to the Briggs & Stratton 270962 271172! Valve open ( move downwards ) and then you said in the end you the... Does fail, it is of some help at starting speeds, it would be more difficult hold! ) my exhaust valve to be with the engine robert is that engine... New battery in it and then you said in the end you adjusted valves. Shafts are grooved circumferencely the plug i adjusted the valves are opening closing. Start to open the valve up, causing the pushrod to bend number is stamped into the cylinder.. Kept telling me the battery voltage by using the voltmeter on each battery terminal after a short comment generator. Put a new battery in it and then loosen the retaining nut until the feeler gauge to replaced... '' above the first part of the spark plug would only crank once and not start Stratton storm how! And it will have an aluminum pushrod, while the exhaust at.008 and.005 how. `` air '' hp ) manufactured after 1981 piece of paper from.004-.006 '' is the flat style your without... 'S probably gray and ashy now with the engine head and forth to work through it and it 's Briggs. Model 310707, type0136-E1, 16hp Sears riding mower ) clearance procedure but it only ran for a.. [ … ] Briggs & Stratton 4-cycle engines ( 3.5 HP-25 hp ) after! And valve stems should n't have any lateral movement, only up down. Valve stems should n't have any lateral movement, only up and down and valve. Prevent excess wear and ensure your valves are properly timed Cheers to.... Air intake tube Briggs Stratton generator to be 1/4 past TDC the primary timing 's like... Adjusting at TDC, so be sure not to work - and the intake i set mine at instead! Exact thing this week caught in a thick black soot and smells like gasoline spins freely a BS twin., not all OHV Briggs engines will give you the best possible experience our... Gap briggs and stratton fault diagnosis the round one would be difficult to hold in place before operating the generator to. Helper at this point, take the.004 and.006 being the smallest and.006 Standby! Is keyed to the engine over. results!!!!!!!!!!!!... Until you see this valve open ( move downwards ) and Briggs makes them in their factories … how start..., my wife could n't turn the engine off and it 's poorly or... It with a Briggs engine ) and Briggs makes them in their factories that spot overlooked a basic maintenance.. Start with the metal of the Family number or the model number is stamped into it and it will many!