This seemed like a waste of natural resources and money and so I decided to take a good look at it and check it, to see if it was really faulty and if so, could be repaired. Close the lid and press START/PAUSE. These quantities ensure you have plenty for more than one repair, saving time as well (four in my case, and I did my last in less than an hour). Replace the faulty ones. 6 months ago. First, with great care remove the pressure sensor hose from the Pressure Sensor by first removing the spring clip towards the hose and pushing the edge of the hose away from the sensor (see pic). But I didn’t have much time, I was under pressure by ‘management’ to get it going or get a new one…but soon! Create a complete appliance suite of luxury refrigerators, ovens, range cookers, and more. Thanks syd aus. Success!!! Take your time because if you miss a faulty one, that mosfet blows up instantly again when powering up the board. I never saw a reply from nevergiveupfixingit; however, I hope (based on your username) that you were able to find the solution. Press and hold the WASH TEMP DOWN button and then the POWER button until the machine gives 2 short beeps and lights up. Some F&P washing machines display an error code on some of the LEDs. on Introduction. Question After clearing the flood, I powered back up, and tried to advance to the drain cycle. Set the DMM to the Diode-Check range and test the fuses for continuity. I have a GW609AU. Fisher & Paykel WL42T26DW1-96178A washer parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! Fisher & Paykel Dryer Stops, Beeps Constantly, Won't Run? UNPLUG THE MACHINE BEFORE OPENING THE CONTROL PANEL ! Wait 10 seconds, reconnect and try turning it on again. A Philips screwdriver, Is the machine progammed for obsolescence? You still haven't fixed it yet but how would you prefer to remit the 80 bucks callout? Other common problems include failure to dry evenly, distressed garments, lint on dried laundry and buzzing sounds. top and bottom. Complaint was that the lower drawer would not start up. I "inherited" a WE3T26G washer that won't power on. They wont spin unless lid is closed, they also should lock lid before spin starts. Check that the inlet hose filter is not blocked. Fisher & Paykel WA42T26GW1-96172A washer parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! Need help with your Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher/DishDrawer? However 10 mins or so into my last 2 washers it beeps and is asking for hot water. 3 years ago. I think I got some moisture on the board :(. How much water should be trapped inside bottom tank of spin cylinder? There is Regular, Heavy, Handwash, Easy Iron, Allergy and Quick options only. Check all power diodes. Went on a service call for a Fisher Paykel dishdrawer yesterday. But all of a sudden it's not spinning and showing this error. (the other components blow up only as a consequence). now i know how read the code. on Introduction. I thought I'd open up the control panel to see if there was anything visibly amiss. You sir are a god among men. Turn the power on at the power point but off at the machine. Have you had any luck diagnosing / solving the issue? Next, unplug the spade connectors on the top-left corner noting their positions. 10 x 1.6A / 250V / T / 20mm fuses (slow-blow fuses) (Farnell p/n 112-3127 ) (about $10) If any of the DMM readings indicate a short, or an open in both directions, the diode is faulty; and must be replaced. 10 x BUK98180 Medium Power Mosfets (Farnell p/n 176-9680 ) (about $10) Disconnect from the power (either by unplugging the dryer or turning off the circuit breaker that supplies it). Results 1 to 9 of 9 ... Fisher & Paykel Washing machine DEAD My wife went to use the machine this morning and it ... No lights, beeps, clicks at all, changed the power plug over to another one know working but no joy. If there is water in the machine, you will need to remove it from the machine before re-attaching the pressure sensor hose or the machine will think it is empty when in fact it is not and will overfill with more water causing a mess. The main control for the washing machine is the switch inside the lid. In the lapse of 1 year, I had to repair my board 4 times, mainly due to the fact that initially I could not find the original transistors or their exact equivalents and the replacements I fitted weren’t quite up to the job. If it's just a minor problem then probably I can fix it myself, There are a number of things that can stop a cycle but if you want to have a go diagnosing it then in the absence of error codes you'll need to start searching 'washing machine problem/repairs' on YouTube and see if you can get some tips about that but here's a good start-, You can have the world at your fingertips but you have to have the technical knowhow and experience to ask the right questions of it before getting the tools out ;), rjjs that was a great find . If it's just a minor problem then probably I can fix it myself, So do you have an error code? It is important to check the pump windings thoroughly for water damage. The dryer may fail to heat because of a clogged vent hose or by a worn-out thermostat. I definitely haven't hit the hot water option when I started the machine. Any signal to drive the motor that is already in overspeed will connect the mosfets to it, destroying them. 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