Rather than the traditional 50BB or 75BB starting stacks, entrants start with 25BB and the blinds increase more frequently. Here’s a quick example: In a hyper, once an allowance has been made for the rake, this ratio decreases to 2.7: Things change further still when playing another popular form of sit-and-go: Making the final two with 2,999 chips or one chip makes no difference as the payout is the same. Furthermore, hypers offer a quick fix of action and a shot at making some fast money. The result is a concise presentation of valuable advice for hyper turbo HUSNGs, focused on preflop and flop play. The hero is far ahead of the villain’s shoving range, and has a great opportunity to knockout the middle stack and go heads-up with a massive chip lead. Heck, you barely even have to clear your lunch hour! The short and skinny of it is, play relatively tight in the very early stages of the tournament, know when to kick it into high gear, be aware of your stack size, use position to your advantage, shove or fold. … Many would open-fold here. The length of each round (before the blinds/antes increase) in a hyper-turbo tournament is usually 3 minutes. Strategy Overview For Double Shootout Satellite Qualifiers. Are you looking to win in a hurry? When the lower rake is factored in, it is easy to understand the appeal of the hyper for good players. Unencumbered by ICM considerations, the hero can jam it in with any two here if the villain has a calling range of 35% (any pair, any Ace, any suited King, K-5o+. Sign up for a $500 bonus. And with a hand as (relatively) strong as 7-4o, the villain would need to be calling with over 41% of holdings in order for a shove to be -EV. In a hyper, once an allowance has been made for the rake, this ratio decreases to 2.7: 1. The exception to the rule is that if two players have both doubled up early on and each has twenty big blinds, then it may be correct to make standard raises. Only when the hero knows that the villain is shoving wider than 50% does it become a call, and at no point is the positive expectation any more than 0.25%. Download the latest version of PokerPlayer on Android or iOS nowLiving in the US? This means that everything you deposit up to €100 is doubled, with a maximum big bonus amount of €100. However, a 25BB starting stack does have some manoeuvrability and early accumulation of chips will enable you to wail on your opponents when the endgame draws near, as opposed to trying to nurse a short stack into a second-place finish. As the popularity of hypers has increased, the standard of play is less impressive than in more standard SNG formats. Typically from early and middle position you should be looking for 77+ AJ+ to move all-in with. Calling with A-Qs here would mean losing 0.50% of the prize pool in equity, and jeopardising what appears to be a straightforward passage into the (evenly-distributed) money. How do I find that satellite in Stars lobby - I want to play that 7.25$ today at least one to get the feel for itIn my SNG filter i've ticked: Shootout, Satellite, Hyper Turbo and 6max. Re: Hyper Turbo Hand Chart op - i guess it is fine if you want to take a quick look at this chart (i.e. Tournament duration frequently stays in the single-digits, and edges are lower than Kerry Katona’s credit rating. Now you can just sit back and laugh when other players spew chips by raising and then folding to your shove. If the hijack is shoving a range of 20% (3-3+, A-2s+, A-4o+, K-10s+, K-Qo) and the stacks behind will only overcall with around 5.5% (9-9+, A-Qo+), then the hero must be prepared to stack off. Access-restricted-item true Addeddate 2010-05-10 18:18:06 Boxid IA116404 Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II City San Mateo, CA Curatenote shipped Donor alibris Edition Get American PokerPlayer for Android or iOS here. But seriously, today I wanted to talk briefly about these super turbo satellites that full tilt runs for the 30 to 60 minuts prior to each of their largest buyin events. In the middle stages of the SNG, more often than not the cards in your hand matter less than your position and stack size. In other words, you cannot pay blinds until your stack is too small for a double up to matter. As such, the oft-misunderstood ‘long run’ can be reached very quickly. Sign up here for our free weekly email newsletter. Such a large part of a good player’s edge in a standard SNG comes postflop. Sit and Go tournaments (SNGs) are online poker tournaments that start when a preset number of players have signed up. Think of it this way: a player with a 2% edge at the table in a hyper will yield significantly more profit in a week than one with a 5% edge in a turbo, assuming an easily-attainable target of 1,000 hypers versus 350 turbos. SNG tournaments are sometimes played in the live arena as well, particularly at the WSOP, but they really started to be a significant part of the poker industry when online poker blew up in the ea… Hyper Turbo SNGs are some of the fastest and most aggressive SNGs offered at online poker rooms. In the charts you see three colours, of which Green stands for limp, red for raise and blue for fold. Rake, too, is a consideration, for it typically amounts to around 4% of the buy-in rather than the usual 10%. A competitive edge can be gained by players who know how to take advantage of the tournament’s structure and are able to pounce on mistakes in their opponent’s game. Please register for free: http://www.pokerimania.com/forum/ to follow the next live broadcast and join the conversation on our own chat! Double Shootout Tournaments are a popular way of qualifying for the big events such as the Pokerstars Sunday Million, World Series or WPT / EPT events.The format is 2 Sit and Go Tournaments – the winner of the first table getting to play in the 2nd – or final table – with a chance to qualify. In the short-term at least, Hypers arevariance-heavy gamble-fests. Most of the time the only decision you need to make is shove or fold. Whenever the pot is unopened ahead of you and you are in the small blind, you should be giving serious consideration to moving all-in. The hero may only call with J-J+, A-Ks+ and even then, this range looks to be on the loose side. Position is key! Given that the average hyper duration is around nine minutes, these figures seem reasonable. With both players already having locked up 35% of the prize-pool, heads-up is a straight freezeout for the remaining 30%. You cannot allow yourself to “go like broomcorn’s uncle” as Doyle says in Supersystem. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. A call here is worth 3.69% of the total prize pool in equity and is an absolutely massively +EV spot that cannot be missed. It’s a massive error to open-fold your button with anything but the absolute trashiest of holdings, as forfeiting your small blind is akin to setting fire to a relatively large chunk of your stack. You have only one random hand to worry about. This time on the daily fast, I use an exploitative strategy in heads-up hyper-turbo tournament against an aggressive villain.Heads-up hyper-turbos are played with 2 minute blind levels and with starting stack of 25 big blinds. This may be the most important tip to take with you into … After all, in order to take home the same amount of money in a 65-35% structure, the ratio of second places to first place finishes lies at 2.8:1. With a 50-50% payout structure, calling a shove on the bubble involves paying an enormous ICM tax. Our other website is Footballinsider247.com for all the best football news and exclusive breaking stories on transfers and much more from the Premier League & the big European teams. Let’s look at one final example: heads-up with blinds of 75/150 a15, The hero has a stack of 1,300 chips and looks down at 7♥-4♠. The same goes for opening the pot from the small blind. Learn to embrace variance. Calculated risks should be taken in order to chip up quickly. And precisely this is what is the tricky part to master in heads-up poker. The beauty of hypers is that, with the lower rake and permanently-shallow effective stacks, jeopardising your tournament life in the early levels is not the same kind of tactical mistake as with more traditional sit-and-go formats. Hyper turbos are not for the faint-hearted, but neither are they the crapshoots that some naysayers would have you believe. However, there are crucial differences in the choice of strategy if you want to successfully play Turbo and Hyper-Turbo tournaments. In other words, the payout is flatter and this increases the importance of successfully navigating your way past the bubble. And don’t be afraid to get it in when you spy a good spot. With position, absolutely everything is worth at least a limp. These hyper turbo SNGs are not without skill. Pros of the Heads-Up Hyper Turbo SNG Format. In Hyper Turbos you should almost always be making a decision for your entire stack right from the beginning of the hand. The reasoning is simple, when you raise you are playing against unknown hands, when you call a raise your opponent has already narrowed their possible hands by the action of putting in chips – so your hand needs to be even better than one … Advertising with PokerPlayer is the best way to get your brand in front of a huge audience of worldwide poker players. Blind level 1 ($10/20): Hand 1: I min-bet T♣T♦ from … As such, Chip EV = Dollar EV and any move that has a positive expectation should be taken. PokerStars is the world's largest online poker room. PokerPlayer magazine is now free on your phone or tablet! Click here for contact details. banned . A hyper-turbo event is one in which the blind levels increase extremely quickly – even faster than in a turbo tournament. Many times it is correct to move all-in no matter what two cards are in your hand. Ordinarily, the hero would fold to a 15BB shove from early/middle position without much consideration.