Name 4 possible sequelae of untreated gonorrhea, In women, (1) Pelvic inflammatory disease(2) ⇒ Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome(3) Transmission to newbornIn men and women,(4) Asymmetric arthritis, "White purulent discharge"(∝ Hot wax. 1 Resource Rating (1-7) Utilization (%) Goljan Lectures 5. 1 year ago. program. 3 Decks - 258 Cards - 8 Learners . Most helpful. I suspended all the cards to try to study one bacterium at a time. This deck covers just about everything you could be tested on in the microbiology realm. Most of the micro FA images were updated for FA2020. download. Which Neisseria species is facultative intracellular? When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. In his honor I proclaim this collection to forever be referred to as the "Pepper Deck" What buzzword is associated with Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome? Paroxysmal(Catarrhal → Paroxysmal → Convalescent). So it says I'm done studying after just one card, but when I go to browse, I see the card has like 30 more "Extra questions." So what is Sketchy Micro? Decks That Reinforce Other Resources. Adding quiz questions on top of that might be overkill. UWorld. … Board and Beyond 17 6 30 Anki 16 11 27 USMLE/NBME Qbanks 19 13 22 Cram figther 30 6 17 Goljan lectures 35 4 14 Sketchy Medical 35 2 11 YouTube videos 35 9 9 USMLE-Rx 47 0 … However, not everyone can learn using this style. This item is large, and may take some time to download. But if you prefer something that's more of a traditional flashcard, i.e. Decks: Protozoa I, Sketchy Naegleria Fowleri, Sketchy Giardia, And more! STEP 1; STEP 2; SHOP; SIGN UP; LOG IN; Sending You Good Vibes in 2021. At this time, it is not possible to add shared decks directly to Macrolides(Macrolides are not as helpful once toxins are circulating), #SketchyMicro #SketchyMicro::Bacteria::(06)-Gram_(-)_Bacilli-Respiratory::6.1-Bordatella_pertussis $$Bacteria $Gram_(-)_Bacilli-Respiratory, Describe the rash of  Rickesttsia prowazekki, (1) Progresses from Central → Peripheral(2) Spare hands, feet, and head. It helped a lot for my final, and I’ll use them for the USMLE too! Theme by 17th Avenue. (1) Myalgias/Arthralgias(2) Pneumonia(3) Encephalitis, #SketchyMicro #SketchyMicro::Bacteria::(10)-Gram_Indeterminate::10.6-Ricketsia_Prowazekki $$Bacteria $Gram_Indeterminate_Bacteria. For my opinion on Sketchy Pharm and Path, scroll all the way to the end! 8:26. Maybe I could … UWorld Question ID #'s added as tags to 1000+ step 1 cards. Lastly, I have been using the pepper Sketchy micro and pharm decks which I love. LEARN … Some lovely people called Pepper and Zanki made Anki decks to follow along with the Sketchy videos, and I used their decks to really drive the points home. So I just unsuspended all the mycobacterium tuberculosis cards. I don't know if there are decks that include the quiz questions, but what I can tell you is that the sultanpepper decks for pharm and micro (made embedding the sketchy picture in them) were more than enough for boards. Anki Decks used for Step 1: Zanki (Biochem, Immunology, Basic Pathology, Reproductive) Lolnotacop (Follows sketchy micro and uworld micro) Lightyear (everything else – follows Boards and Beyond and FA) Dorian’s Anatomy Deck; I am separating Anki altogether because if I had to separate one source that helped me get this score, it would be Anki. Step 1/Level 1 Study Tips. Louse(Louse defecates, then scratching ⇒ infection). I’m telling you, Anki = long term memory. Sketchy Micro. It's lovely to meet you I'm Nicolet - a resident physician, health nut, and yogi. Updated 2019-05-03. However, as good as these sketches are, without spaced repetition I eventually forget them. These flashcards were made with Anki, a flashcard application built around a spaced repetition algorithm.Anki is free for your desktop and Android device, $25 for your iOS device, and your account can be accessed and synced across devices and through a web-browser.. Once downloaded, simply double click the .apkg file or import it manually through Anki to get started! (1) Gonorrhea: Early onset(2) Chlamydia: Later onset(Shielding eyes so baby can't see event that just occured = Early onset), #SketchyMicro #SketchyMicro::Bacteria::(04)-Gram_(-)_Cocci::4.3-Neisseria_gonorrheae $$Bacteria $Gram_(-)_Cocci, Name the protein responsible for Pertussis' ability to attach to human cells. Master complex concepts through fun and informative sketches that enhance visual memory. This allows you to memorize pharmacology and microbiology better. How long does the convalescent stage of Pertussis last? Description. It’s essentially a series of clear Anki decks released in 2017 based off the original 2014 Brosencephalon decks. How to Use Anki for Med School - … "Violin string" adhesions (Form to liver capsule). After the file is downloaded, double-click on it to open it in MICRO; PHARM; PATH; BIOCHEM; ULTIMATE Lv. Unlock the Power of Visual Learning. These are complete SketchyMicro and SketchyPharm Anki decks that I made while I was studying for USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1! It is also forever updatable so we as a medical school community can continually update it for new content. Sketchy Micro-Viral. Question type answers. Thicker and more purulent than with chlamydia). Modified the Pepper Sketchy Micro Deck: sub-decks of each chapter and organism. I still remember them all and use this knowledge in my clinical rotations. The main drawback to this deck exists in the fact that it is less comprehensive and misses a few microbes. synchronized to Decks: Bacteria Coccis Bacilis And Others Gram, Bacteria Cocci Gram, Gram Indeterminate Bacterias, And more! BUY LV. Update - Preclinical. How To. The cards in this deck contain small, cropped portions of the overall sketch – these force you to focus on all of the small details of each sketchy are cards for which I added my own memory hook. Who is most at risk of infection by Rickettsia prowazekki? It is re-organized and probably the best organization currently available. Grace 2,113 views. Go download Lolnotacops microbiology in the sidebar. This deck is better put together and more comprehensive than any deck I have ever seen (its as if Tao Le, Dr. Sattar and Sketchy all got together to make an Anki deck). (1) Pertussis toxin(2) Adenylate cyclase toxin(3) Tracheal toxin(Trachea ∝ Tractor). Download my SketchyMedical Anki decks here: I remember one night, during my 2nd year of med sc, One of my favorite quotes & with that, I have, Some thoughts going into the new year, to reclaim, Calling all burger lovers!⁣ Close. It combines the best parts of Lolnotacop and Zanki with images from the Pepper micro/antimicrobial and UltraZanki decks. Sample (from 107 notes) Cards are customizable! Update - Preclinical. I downloaded the compressed Pepper deck form a post on this subreddit and modified it because I wanted to study video by video.